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Plastic Parts

People Willing To Print Sets of Printed Parts for DMS Members (for a small fee)
Paul Brown

Hot End

Name Source Option 1 Option 2 Price
J-Head Reprap-USA .5mm Orifice 3mm Filament $64.99 + Shipping

Note: An adapter plate will need to be laser cut. Link Also, finishing nails can be used with the Greg's Wade Reloaded (for J-head) design. (No adapter plate required)


Type Source Price
Printrboard Printrbot Store $130 + Shipping
RAMPS Ultimachine $200 + Shipping
  • If ordering RAMPS, make sure to order with Mechanical Endstops w/ Wiring and Double Connectors.

Stepper Motors

Source 1 Source 1 Cost Source 2 Source 2 Cost Source 3 Source 3 Cost
Ultimachine $72.50 + $12.50 shipping Lulzbot $97.50 + Shipping China ~$85

I've tested the Chinese motors and the Ultimachine motors and they both work great. - Paul

I've not tested motors from Phidgets, but they may also work: Phidgets = $70.00 + shipping

Note: The Ultimachine motors come with connectors attached, so you don't have to crimp your own connectors. The connectors are just 4 pin .1" header connectors.

Couplings, Bushings, and Bearings

Item Source 1 Source 2 Qty Required
5mm to 8mm Coupling China USA 2
608Z Bearings Amazon 6 bearings (package of 10)
LM8UU Bushings Ebay 10

Pulleys and Belts

Item Part # Source Qty Required unit price
GT2 Pulley A 6D51M015DF0605 SDP-SI 2 $18.51
GT2 Belt (2218.00 mm) A 6R51MB09060 SDP-SI 1 $11.95
GT2 Belt (1 foot or 304.8mm) 7959K21 McMaster Carr 8 $2.04
GT2 Pulley (16 teeth) 1375K35 McMaster Carr 2 $10.18

Note: Metal pulleys are not necessary, but it seems like finding plastic pulleys with less than a .9" inch (required for Y axis) diameter is difficult. The small tooth count and fine pitch should mean higher resolution than the standard MXL belts.

Hobbed Bolt

Source 1 Source 2 Source 3
Lulzbot Ultimachine Arcol

Threaded/Smooth Rod

The smooth rod needs to be M8 (for the LM8UU bushings), but the threaded rod can be 5/16ths or M8. Paul Brown has lots of 5/16ths rod and enough M8 drill rod for 2-3 printers. There is a chop saw at the space for cutting these. These rod lengths are for this print bed: Lasercut Print Bed

Cut Lengths:

Smooth or Threaded Length QTY Notes
Smooth 335mm 2 Y axis
Smooth 332mm 2 X axis for 270mm apart bases
Smooth 250mm 2 Z axis, can be longer
Threaded 200mm 2 Leadscrews, can be longer
Threaded 305mm 4 Bases 270mm apart

Threaded Rod Source:

Source 1 Part # Qty
Mcmaster 98841A030 2

Smooth Rod Source:

Source 1 Part # Qty
Mcmaster 88625K67 2

Print Bed

Paul Brown made a design for this, but it is too large for our lasercutter: Thingiverse Link will cut it for ~$15. CNC'ing this part would be preferred.

Cut this part from 1/4" tempered hardboard from Home Depot. (pick the flattest piece you can find)

Heated Bed

Initially, we will not be using a heated bed. PLA plastic prints well without a heated bed (not ABS though). PLA sticks to Lexan very well, so a Lexan sheet will work for the print bed.

Paul Brown ordered several large PCB's on 3/15/11 and is hoping to mill them into heated beds. They will be very cheap, around ~$15.

Mike C has made a couple of heated beds using Prototyping Stripboard wired up as a large resistor Thingiverse Inspiration. Seems to work well - heats faster than a commercial bed and costs < $6 for an 8" X 8" bed. Using two 4" X 8" clad copper boards (not electroplated) from Veroboard (ordered through is a good, cheap source. Andrew Falgout improved on the soldering technique by using stripped Cat 5 wire as a bridge across the end holes to aid in soldering without increasing the thickness of the solder joint.

Note: Glass will need to be placed on the heated bed. This can be 1/8th inch glass cut at a local glass store to 8.5"x8.5". It should only be a few dollars per piece. Cork sheet under the hot bed will improve efficiency.

Local Purchases

Item Qty Required Source Notes
6-32 .5” Bolt 4 Home Depot / Lowes / Ace Hardware Y-Axis belt holder
6-32 1” bolt 10 Home Depot / Lowes / Ace Hardware Extruder
6-32 1.25” bolt 4 Home Depot / Lowes / Ace Hardware Print Platform Clips
6-32 nuts 8 Ace Hardware / Lowes / Home Depot Extruder
6-32 Lock Nut 10 Home Depot / Lowes / Ace Hardware Extruder and Y-Axis belt holder
5/16"-18 1" bolt 1 Home Depot / Lowes / Ace Hardware / Tractor Supply X-Idler
5/16"-18 nuts (M8 for metric threaded rod) 22 Home Depot / Lowes / Ace Hardware Bottom Platform, Z-Axis, and X-Axis Idler
5/16" washers (or M8 for Metric Threaded Rod), 1/4" OD 25 Ace Hardware / Lowes / Home Depot / Tractor Supply Bottom Platform and ??
Fender washers for 5/16-18 (or m8) 2 Home Depot / Lowes / Ace Hardware / Tractor Supply X-Idler
M3x6mm Set Screw 1 (3 if using printed plastic pulleys) Ace Hardware Extruder pulley, opt. other pulleys
M3x8mm bolts, socket head 21 Ace Hardware / McMaster Part# 92005A120 motor Attachment
M3x10mm bolts, socket head 10 Ace Hardware
M3x25mm bolts, socket head 2 Ace Hardware Y Axis bearings
M3x30mm bolt, socket head 1 Ace Hardware
M3x50mm bolts, socket head 2 Ace Hardware Extruder hinge (or use 2 6-32 1.75” bolts and jam nuts (the 1/2 height ones))
M3 nut 3 (5 if using 3 printed plastic pulleys) Ace Hardware 2 for Extruder hinge, 1 fore each plastic Pulley
M8 nuts 2 Ace Hardware / Lowes / Home Depot Hobbed Bolt
10mm Standoffs 1 Pkg Radioshack 4 needed for print platform
4" Zip ties 1 Pkg Home Depot / Lowes / Walmart 8 needed for Y Axis bearings and 2 for X Axis Belt, plus more for wire containment
Spring with M3 ID (1/2" to 1" long) 1 Ace Hardware Extruder Hinge
12"x12" (at least) Lexan/Polycarbonate Sheet (1/4" thick) 1 Home Depot / Lowes print platform

Plastic Filament

Paul Brown is currently trying to arrange a group buy. Filament prices have recently increased from ~$60 for 5lbs to ~$100. We might still be able to get it for ~$10 per lb.