Printmaking Meeting 2019-07-29

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• Kevin Sourivong
• Mike Keller
• Judy Kriehn
• Matt Mulherin
• Astrud Aguirre
• Paul Wilson
• Laura Gonzalez
• Robert Hines
• Russell Crow
• John Baker
• Dwight Spencer
• Rose Smith


MOTION: Elect Judy Kriehn as Chair
  - For: 10
  - Against: 0
  - Abstain: 1
- MOTION PASS, Judy Kriehn is Chair-Elect

Discussion Items

Matthew Mulherin has submitted his resignation as committee chair. While planning to
remain involved in committee activities, he no longer has the time to devote to the role.

Honorarium class discussion
• Requesting 10-15 classes per month (2 classes offered per week is goal)
• Other class payment options discussed

Report from Astrud
• Changing to soybean-based cleaners. Need to beware of bean allergies.
• JJ dropped in to ask whether committee needed anything from PR committee.
• Discussion of t-shirts, totes and postcards

Committee meeting schedule
• Monday evenings near end of month – preferably prior to Board meeting
• Next meeting: August 19th

Comments from Dwight
• Personal websites tied to DMS for:
  – Committees
  – Members in good standing
  – Possibly add-ons
• VCC would like to produce a Zine – in conjunction with their radio show.

Money Collection
• Astrud reported that committees were being “encouraged” to develop their own “tombstone” systems to collect funds for consumables
• Discussion of options, including using an Android tablet vs. iPad and doing a wallmounted system with a sealed mailbox vs. the ginormous things that have been used in past
• Paul will take charge of collecting data for voting on our money collection system

Source Document

File:Printmaking Committee Meeting-7 29 19.pdf