Printmaking Committee Meeting 20190420

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Printmaking Committee Meeting 04/20/2019

Time, Place

04/20/2019 12:04 Conference Room

Adjourned 12:49



Storage: Need to move boxes to new committee area - currently in DMS offsite storage

Press Donation: Matt has been contacted by someone offering to donate a late 30's early 40's kluge printing press, delivered. A fork truck will be required to get it off of the trailer - will try and coordinate with Machine Shop as their move will have a fork truck. Also has additional equipment and furniture for ~$300. Matt and Astrud to try and inspect in person on 4th May.

Screen Press and Equipment Loan: Jim offered to loan the committee a 4 screen 4 station press, exposure unit, and other screen printing equipment. No official vote held, however committee seemed to be in agreement that it is duplicate equipment and would cause committee space issues. Jim also offered to donate some screens and ink, which the committee seemed to be in agreement with.

New Committee Area - Power: Some is still needed. Walls are marked and Astrud has communicated to Stan the need for a ceiling drop for the large press.

Exposure Unit: May need to be upgraded to magnetic ballasts. Traditional ballasts trip GFCI outlets due to their inductance, magnetic ones should not.

Classes: most are currently cancelled during expansion war effort.

Tetropack: Experimentation to make new laser engraved rolling pin classes.

Metal shop: Allegedly is looking to purchase a fiber laser. If so, it may be able to do plastic engraving without chemicals which could be used for intaglio process.

Special Meeting: Scheduled May 11th for expansion updates.

Expansion Plans:

  • See where we're at with cabinets
  • Screen press by sink
  • Want epson printer for transparencies
  • Letter press in the center
  • Work tables
  • Area for table-top printing
  • Area for cloth printing
  • Dry only area for paper work
  • Need to decide what else needs to be ordered
    • Cabinets
    • Work tables

Finance: Need to get committee reports, similar to those provided by Ken @ BOD meetins

Lead Type for Sale by @TLAR: Unsure of what is available, no price given. Will discuss when more details available.

New Teacher: Ruby is interested in teaching printmaking classes.


Purchase flat file from @TLAR: $350. Vote: Unanimous

Purchase stools, set of 4: $150 total. Vote: Unanimous


  • Matthew Mulherin - Chair
  • Mary Mulherin - Vice Chair
  • Astrud Aguirre
  • Paul Wilson
  • Ruby
  • Holly
  • Robin