Printmaking Committee Meeting 20190215

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Printmaking Committee Meeting 02/15/2019

Time, Place

02/15/2019 11:03 Interactive

Adjourned 11:53



Recap of Members meeting (2/14/19) and Chair/BOD meeting (2/14/19)

  • Expansion will cause both units to be required to meet current code standards
    • This includes ADA requirements
  • If the build out of 102 is not carried out, 104 will still need to meet these requirements
    • Current expansion plans include getting both units up to code
    • If the current plans are not carried out, it is expected to have a similar financial impact to get 104 up to code as would the entire project
  • BoD requested donations from committees for funds that are not needed
  • BoD stated that if donations alone are insufficient to cover the costs of the expansion, they plan on taking non-voluntary loans from committees
  • BoD stated that their intent is to have as little of an impact on the committees as possible, however nothing is off the table if required to keep the expansion moving forward
  • It is the decision of the committee to attempt to voluntarily loan any funds beyond those anticipated for normal operations and expansion needs
    • Expected expenses include cabinetry, construction materials, consumables, etc.

Required stock for operations

  • Screens - 1 box each of 156, 230, 305
    • re-order when 1/2 or less of a box is remaining or when class schedules would deplete the stock to these levels


  • It is the committee's intent to switch to Ryonet as a regular supplier
    • Ryonet can offer corporate sponsorship and building a business relationship will help obtain that goal
    • This corporate sponsorship will give benefits of reduced costs of consumables (ink, screens, etc.)
    • While at the ISS show, no other suppliers were interested in such a business relationship


Vote to purchase the following goods:

  • Non-consumable
    • 2x stand-up cabinets (Sam's club) - Red (Same as current)
    • Lock boxes for keys
    • Printmaking tools (squeegees, etching tools, brayers, etc.)
  • Consumables
    • Ink (water based block, plastisol, discharge, etc.)
    • Screens (For class)
    • Emulsion

All purchases not specifically quantified are expressed as to be ordered in reasonable quantities while taking bulk purchasing discounts into consideration.

Results: Unanimous


  • Matthew Mulherin - Chair
  • Mary Mulherin - Vice Chair
  • Astrud Aguirre
  • Paul Wilson
  • David Lee
  • Darren