Printmaking Committee Meeting 20181130

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Printmaking Committee Meeting 11/30/2018

Time, Place

11/30/2018 19:00 Conference Room

Adjourned 19:52



TV Delivered on the 6th @talkers to get or got cabinets - @hoarsehorace to followup Set regular meeting day/time - 3rd Saturday of the month starting January Set cleaning day to coincide with committee meeting Dedicated Printing Day - Print-a-thons Dedicated office day Investigate badge lock for letter presses Possible Open House / Ribbon cutting for when we get our new space Dark room - Need shelf/exposure unit protection. Has possible electric issues. Matt to take an expensify class with @diplomat Cabinets - May need to re-pin or get new locks to keep the number of keys to a minimum.


Need 3/4 wall - Plywood + 2x lumber Need shelves over cabinets to keep stuff off of them. Need to discuss layout Possible upgrade to drying rack wheels


Purchase of new drying rack - $200 plus tax and shipping - Passed


  • Matthew Mulherin - Chair
  • Mary Mulherin - Vice Chair
  • John K
  • Astrud Aguirre
  • Paul Wilson
  • David Lee