Printmaking Committee Meeting 20180721

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Printmaking Committee Meeting 7/21/2018

Time, Place

7/21/2018 16:00 Interactive


To Do

Expenses: Determine how class fees are disbursed for committee reimbursement re: unclaimed or non-teacher expense portions and for absent students. Also, check accounting of teacher reimbursements for expenses and classes. Suspected that class fees go to the general fund while expenses/reimbursements come from the committee. Class fees should go directly to the committee.

Check on status of orders (@Diplomat) for equipment ordered while still part of CA.

  • Emulsion
  • Squeegee
  • Print Frog
  • Gelli Plates
  • Gas Shocks for Screen Press

Check on Printmaking CC.

Inquire as to the status of monthly accounting reports.

Request assistance in making the press bed stationary - some sort of lip or catch so the bed won't fall off the end.

Suggested monthly cleanup/potluck/meeting day. May be combined with print-a-thon.

Email admin for acceptance of press loan from Chuck.

Need to purchase

Small cans for dispensing oil-based ink ( Realtor box for cabinets


Tall red cabinet is teaching supplies - needs label


Rules were discussed and voted on, as below.

Printmaking Squeegees - Metal squeegees are for plastisol ink only, Wood Squeegees are for water based ink only. Printmaking Brayers - TBD No storage in printmaking area without committee or chair approval - Exception: Drying prints; not responsible for damage to drying prints No wet ink in dry area Clean up after yourself Remove the press bed before moving the press cabinet - Will be secured at a later date

Infractions: 1st = Verbal warning 2nd = Formal warning - Possible temporary ban 3rd = Temporary ban 4th = Temporary/permanent ban + report to board


  • Matthew Mulherin - Chair
  • Mary Mulherin
  • John K
  • Astrud Aguirre
  • Paul Wilson
  • Josh
  • Darren