Printmaking Committee Meeting 20180609

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Printmaking Committee Meeting 6/09/2018

Time, Place

6/09/2018 16:00 CA


Open House -Debriefing 

A - 3 Stations with 2 team members: 1 screen printing, 1 scratch foam printing, 1 block printing

⇒ Great flow. Great number of stations, people did not feel overwhelmed. 

B- Monitors inside the space announcing the Open House: great idea. Need to work on this earlier in the week to grasp people’s attention. Monitor inside Interactive displaying the steamroller event was a nice feature. 

C- Material: block printing: while the oil based ink was cumbersome to clean up the result of the prints was amazing. People really enjoyed that. 

Important: next event: make the design block printing smaller so that ½ a sheet of paper is used when printing. We will need more colored paper. 

We need a “printing rack management person”

D- Date/ Time: 4hrs event was plenty enough for the team (max). 1 hour to set up and 1 hour to clean was ok. Need to make sure we have enough people to help out.  12-4 on a saturday is good since many classes take place that day; can draw people. 

Consider a better date than June- maybe when kids are in school. 

E- Walls: Displays on the walls were okay- we should have spent more time thinking about our displays. Maybe more colors and more diverse. 

F- PR: 1 person showed up but no board member.

G- Handouts: would be nice to have handouts

H- Swag bags: wait to hear on feedback. 

I- Have T-shirts / hats, etc. ready to sell. 


  • Matthew Mulherin - Chair
  • Ingrid Thebault - Vice Chair
  • Stephenie Webb
  • Mary Mulherin
  • John K
  • Katelyn Smith
  • Rose Smith