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My daughter is 17 months old and loves helping my wife out in the kitchen. My wife suggested I build her a small play kitchen....this was about the same time I attend the DMS open house. After I visited the space, I was hooked. This play kitchen is my first project.

I don't have much wood working experience other than some woofer boxes I built when I was a teenager, and this is the largest wood object I have attempted to build. My wife found some plans on line and we modified them a bit to add red LEDs for stove burners and interior lights for the fridge and oven.


This project is complete.


Future enhancements

  • Work on creating garbage disposal
  • Create proper PCB for arduino clone and TLC5940 chip.

Active Members


  • Learn how to use all the wood working tools
  • Learn how to use the laser cutter


  • Learn to use laser cutter
  • Learn how to use cabinet saw


- Plans I am following