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This page is to address the need of other payment types to DMS.

From the ToDo List [[1]]

on the payments, would be nice someday to offer additional choices for the occasional paypal-phobes (e.g. paypal, google, amazon, CC, etc)

As of 2011-02-28, DMS only accepts payments from PayPal.


  • PayPal
  • Google Checkout
  • Amazon
  • Credit Card


What is the current rate charged by PayPal?

Google Checkout

  • Easy to get started
  • "Buy Now" Button Generator

We need:

  • A Google Account
  • Someone to setup Google Checkout (Pretty easy & straight forward)

Pretty Button: Google checkout button.png


  • Somewhat easy to setup
  • "Buy Now" button generator

Credit Card

  • Difficult to startup
  • Cheapest transaction rates

To directly accept credit cards, DMS will have to setup a merchant account with a bank offering a credit card processing gateway.

Some large banks that offer a credit card gateway:

  • Chase
  • First Data
  • Mercury Payment Systems
  • Fifth Third
  • Costco(?)

Recently, VISA and MasterCard have teamed up to ensure customer security. These requirements on merchants are called PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards) and outline specific security and privacy best practices. There are certain levels of PCI certification depending on how many transactions a company generates. The highest level is PCI-DSS Level I, which will require an investment in excess of $100,000 in resources to obtain proper certification.

The interfaces required to implement credit card processing range from SOAP, XML, HTTP POST, to TCP/IP, and even lower level protocols. IMHO, between the first 4 banks, Chase is easiest to implement with.