Organizational Objective Ideas

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The Objectives

  • Provide a workspace/workshop
    • For who?
      • "Makers"
      • 1/3rd of our members are "starving hackers"
    • How much of this is shop space and how much is office space?
      • This is something unique to each community. Some hackerspaces seem to focus on crafting (artisan's asylum) and others seem to focus on programming/co-working. Hacker Dojo is heavily focused on programming/co-working because they're in silicon valley.

  • Provide classes/lectures
    • This is what surveys say the most people want from hackerspaces.
    • Increases membership and provides direct benefit to the community.
    • Potential revenue source (see RX/TX in Houston).

  • Provide tooling which our users would not be able to afford or store individually
    • This would be things like a Mill, CNC Router, Laser Cutters
    • Tooling increases membership, we've had quite a few people join just because of the laser cutter.

  • Provide a valuable community
    • A community of what?
      • A community of people interested in the same things as you, people you're more likely to get along with (than the rest of the general population).
    • "Noisebridge isn't just about Arduinos and giant fricking lasers. We come here to support each other, especially in our darkest times, and we work to support the wider hacker community."
    • Individuals involved in strong communities can experience an increased life expectancy.
    • Helps retain people, or the community can scare them away.

  • Expand number of persons served

The Objectives Are Not Independent

  • You can't have tooling without enough workspace.
  • You can't hold classes unless you have classroom space.
  • You can't do anything unless you have a community or a really rich dude funding it all.

What are our priorities?

Balance each of the objectives, and focus on which objective can bring us the most benefit.

Have we been prioritizing?

  • Arguably this is in our minds each time we made a decision. Examples:
    • Expanding the space
      • increases workspace
      • increases storage space to help keep the workspace usable
      • expands capability to hold classes by increasing classroom space
      • could expand community by offering more quiet workspace, something we weren't offering enough of previously