Operations Meeting 20150410

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Andrew LeCody - 5:07 PM
Reminder, this meeting will start at 6pm. If anyone would like to join, please add them before that time.
Krissy Heishman - 5:16 PM
roger roger 10-4 over
Robert Davidson - 5:25 PM

anyone want to see how much this costs
Unless someone else knows how to import inside photos to google maps 
Krissy Heishman - 5:25 PM
very cool!
ya i've always wondered how businesses were doing that tbh
Andrew LeCody - 5:26 PM
please use the ops chat for stuff until the meeting starts
Brooks Scharff - 5:26 PM
Not meeting related.
Robert Davidson - 5:27 PM
Sorry my bad
Andrew LeCody - 5:59 PM
Ok guys, meeting is starting. Please say "present" if you are here. I'll wait until about 6:05 to continue or until everyone checks in, whichever is first.
Lisa Selk - 5:59 PM
Krissy Heishman - 5:59 PM
William Petefish - 6:00 PM
Pearce Dunlap - 6:00 PM
Stan Simmons - 6:00 PM
Benjamin Groves - 6:00 PM
Brandon Green - 6:00 PM
Brooks Scharff - 6:00 PM
Lisa Selk - 6:00 PM
***aaawww*** thanks Ben.. you shouldn't have!  😃
Stan Simmons - 6:00 PM
Look at that... Ben is gifted.
Ken Purcell - 6:00 PM
frank lima - 6:01 PM
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 6:01 PM
Nick Sainz - 6:01 PM
Andrew LeCody - 6:02 PM
Robert, Ed and Allen?
frank lima - 6:02 PM
Agenda for meeting?
Andrew LeCody - 6:02 PM
committee nomination, to present to the board
Alex Rhodes joined the conversation
Brandon Green - 6:03 PM
Can I ask probably ops related questions? or just in normal ops hangout
Andrew LeCody - 6:03 PM
lets keep chatter in here to a minimum after 6:05
Pearce Dunlap - 6:03 PM
I have an item I'd like to talk about too before throwing it to talk or something
Andrew LeCody - 6:03 PM
right now we're waiting for everyone to "show up"
Alex, if you are present, please say present
Alex, Ed, Robert and Allen?
Alex Rhodes - 6:07 PM
im here
i just got out of the car and to a computer now
Lisa Selk - 6:07 PM
Andrew LeCody - 6:07 PM
ok, here's who is currently present and accounted for:
if Ed, Robert or Allen show up, and I miss it, please let me know
Robert Davidson - 6:08 PM
Andrew LeCody - 6:08 PM
thanks robert
frank lima - 6:08 PM
As this came up in the pervious meeting who is allowed to vote?
Andrew LeCody - 6:09 PM
anyone who has joined the meeting
Nick Sainz - 6:09 PM
Also, If we would like to request meeting be held in person at the space, how would we do that?
Andrew LeCody - 6:10 PM
respond to that thread sometime BEFORE the meeting started
Pearce Dunlap - 6:10 PM
I'm in Midlothian...
Andrew LeCody - 6:10 PM
which was over a week ago
Robert Davidson - 6:10 PM
at dinner
Nick Sainz - 6:11 PM
I would like to point out that the meeting was requested to be held in person at the end of the last meeting
Lisa Selk - 6:11 PM
I'm present (my physical location is of no concern 😉 😃 )
William Petefish - 6:11 PM
+1 for lisa...
Alex Rhodes - 6:11 PM
So whats on the agenda?
Andrew LeCody - 6:11 PM
ok guys, so moving on
first agenda item will be our recommendation to the board for the committee chair, would anyone like to throw their hat in?
frank lima - 6:12 PM
I would like to nominate Allan Wan
Brandon Green - 6:12 PM
Throwing these out there for later topics, was there any response to request for feedback on storage policy? What is ETA of the rfid storage cabinet project? When is next cleaning of project storage going to be?
Nick Sainz - 6:12 PM
I would like to suggest we go with the recomendation from the previous meeting.
Andrew LeCody - 6:12 PM
Brandon, we'll get to those after the recommendation vote
I would like to continue as chair, if the committee approves
I'll assume Allen accepts Frank's nomination, since he's stated as much
Robert Davidson - 6:13 PM
Anyone knows where Alan is?
Andrew LeCody - 6:13 PM
anyone else?
Robert Davidson - 6:13 PM
It seems pretty bad not showing up....
Nick Sainz - 6:14 PM
I can go look for him one sec.
Andrew LeCody - 6:14 PM
Robert, not sure, I added him to this chat
Brandon Green - 6:14 PM
Last I heard he wasn't planning on attending meeting as he prefers in person
Alex Rhodes - 6:14 PM
He told me he has a tablet now
and a gmail account
I dont understand why hes not here
Andrew LeCody - 6:14 PM
yeah, he's got an @dallasmakerspace.org account
Brooks Scharff - 6:14 PM
I also heard that he has a gmail account and an android tablet for the purpose of joining these meetings
Pearce Dunlap - 6:15 PM
He had the tablet since ladybird*
Andrew LeCody - 6:15 PM
we're getting a bit off topic guys
Robert Davidson - 6:15 PM
I am concerned with Allan's ability to communicate that is my concern
Well it leaves me no choice who to vote for
Lisa Selk - 6:15 PM
Are there any major traffic issues that might be preventing him from safely joining at the moment? If so, we can wait five more minutes to give him time to pull over and post an update. 
Pearce Dunlap - 6:16 PM
Reasonable question
Lisa Selk - 6:16 PM
Otherwise, we are already 15 minutes into the meeting
Andrew LeCody - 6:16 PM
if someone would like to call him (I don't think I have his number) that would be good
Nick Sainz - 6:16 PM
I believe he was headed to the bank to try and get DMS info on a safety deposit box. Seemed time critical with the bank closing at 6.
Lisa Selk - 6:16 PM
I would like to believe he would call to let someone know he will have to be late due to traffic or something.  
Alex Rhodes - 6:17 PM
Andrew LeCody - 6:17 PM
thanks Alex
Lisa Selk - 6:17 PM
Yup, Thanks!
Pearce Dunlap - 6:17 PM
Can I post my topic while we wait? Or hold till later
Andrew LeCody - 6:18 PM
Pearce, sure
Ken Purcell - 6:18 PM
I appreciate your waiting, 5 more minutes is more than fair
Andrew LeCody - 6:18 PM
I'm tempted to jump on the tekkit server while we wait 😃
William Petefish - 6:19 PM
Ok... I do have a question.
Ken Purcell - 6:19 PM
But then we can move on
Andrew LeCody - 6:19 PM
Pearce, what was your item?
Pearce Dunlap - 6:19 PM
Brandon's kind of touches on it. I'd like to look at implementing paid storage again. We have a lot of people monopolizing the project storage
Andrew LeCody - 6:19 PM
William, if your question is a discussion, please wait until after Pearce and brandon
Pearce Dunlap - 6:19 PM
I'd like Allen to be here for the discussion of it, he had some good ideas on how to go about it
Lisa Selk - 6:19 PM
I second Paid Storage!
Andrew LeCody - 6:20 PM
ah, ok, then lets tackle Brandon's other questions in the meantime
Lisa Selk - 6:20 PM
William Petefish - 6:20 PM
Not so much a discussion, as a general question, but I will let brandon go first.
Andrew LeCody - 6:21 PM
"What is ETA of the rfid storage cabinet project?" unknown, Lance and Gus are working on it, but I don't know the current status. We're still waiting on the RFID interlock too 😞
William Petefish - 6:21 PM
2 for one... well done sir.
Stan Simmons - 6:22 PM
Gus has the software side of the RFID stuff working well. Lance has started gathering all the parts, I'm unsure how far he is on it.
Andrew LeCody - 6:22 PM
awesome, thanks Stan
"When is next cleaning of project storage going to be?" We originally intended to do one last night, but lost steam after the meeting.
William Petefish - 6:22 PM
I have been saying it for a while now, It smells like a dead project... When can we expect a working prototype?
Andrew LeCody - 6:22 PM
I think the current set of people handling storage are burning out on it
William Petefish - 6:22 PM
*the interlock that is.
Stan Simmons - 6:23 PM
Unknown on the interlock. Lance was looking at the locking mechanism when I talked to him on THur
Andrew LeCody - 6:23 PM
perhaps we should swap out or add more authorized cleaners?
Pearce Dunlap - 6:23 PM
The Haas prototype seems functional
Brandon Green - 6:23 PM
would having more formally scheduled cleaning times be helpful? With idea that others could show up at that time to help
Andrew LeCody - 6:23 PM
Brandon, that sounds good
Nick Sainz - 6:24 PM
Did I miss something, what is the topic at hand?
Andrew LeCody - 6:24 PM
we may want to do it on a night other than Thursday
Nick, we're discussing project storage
Stan Simmons - 6:24 PM
I'll be happy to help on the cleaning of project storage.... on the lower levels. 😉
Andrew LeCody - 6:24 PM
and waiting for Alex to get ahold of Allen
Nick Sainz - 6:24 PM
I've seen Haas, cleaning, and RFID
Krissy Heishman - 6:24 PM
i'll be going mobile here but will still be monitoring the chat
Andrew LeCody - 6:24 PM
there's not much more to talk about on the RFID, since Lance and Gus aren't Ops or in the chat
Alex Rhodes - 6:25 PM
OK.  Updates
allen isnt joining
Nick Sainz - 6:25 PM
ok, sorry just got mixed up
Alex Rhodes - 6:25 PM
He doesnt want an online meeting
second.   I believe there should still be free storage, but paid after a certain date
Lisa Selk - 6:26 PM
Weekends work best for me.
I would like to start seeing the items removed from project storage be moved to the give-away shelf, if potentially useful.
'n regarding giveaway shelf... I would like to see it split - "techie/hardware stuff' and 'other crap'... allow the hardware stuff to live a couple weeks. the other crap a week... 
Andrew LeCody - 6:26 PM
ok, let's table the non-chair topics for now and get back on track
Alex Rhodes - 6:26 PM
third.  Kent is now helping lance and gus on the interlock
Benjamin Groves - 6:26 PM
+1 Alex on the storage - good idea
Andrew LeCody - 6:26 PM
guys, please stick to the chair topic for now
Alex Rhodes - 6:26 PM
Nick scroll up.  everything is recorded 
Andrew LeCody - 6:26 PM
we'll loop back to rfid and storage
Ken Purcell - 6:26 PM
For storage put up a deposit in advance, loss it after 30 days
Andrew LeCody - 6:27 PM
ok, so for chair we have myself and Allen
Brandon Green - 6:27 PM
anything to discuss before voting?
Nick Sainz - 6:27 PM
I get it is recorded, just following chat is a bit confusing,
Lisa Selk - 6:27 PM
we can talk slower, if it will help.. just let us know 😃
Nick Sainz - 6:28 PM
As all that is required to vote is to show up, I would move that we go with the vote from last time
Alex Rhodes - 6:28 PM
what? No
Nick Sainz - 6:29 PM
we can approach any member that voted through my account to make sure there was no foul play
Andrew LeCody - 6:29 PM
Nick, the resolution is a non-bind recommendation to the board, lets stick with the meeting as planned
as posted in the thread, a week ago, this is an online meeting only
Nick Sainz - 6:29 PM
wasn't voting rights the concern with the last meeting?
Andrew LeCody - 6:30 PM
no, derailing the meeting was the concern
Brooks Scharff - 6:30 PM
Yeah, can we avoid the main reason the last meeting was terrible?
We all agreed that voting using someone else's account was the problem
Nick Sainz - 6:30 PM
so now having a discussion is derailing?
I didn't agree to that
frank lima - 6:30 PM
We did not "all" agree
Alex Rhodes - 6:31 PM
Majority agreed
Andrew LeCody - 6:31 PM
then you should have brought up your concerns in the thread, post a week ago
or in ops chat
Brooks Scharff - 6:31 PM
Andrew LeCody - 6:31 PM
which you are both in
Nick Sainz - 6:31 PM
I don't remember seeing public access to that vote.
Pearce Dunlap - 6:31 PM
talk is public
William Petefish - 6:31 PM
Lets just move on with the vote.
Benjamin Groves - 6:31 PM
I am afraid we are not all going to agree on anything here. LeCody (acing Chair) has to make his best call in good faith and he has done so.
Brandon Green - 6:31 PM
pervious meeting doesn't matter anymore
Ken Purcell - 6:31 PM
It's been 30 minutes, can we vote now?
Andrew LeCody - 6:31 PM
let's move on to voting now, options are Andrew or Allen
please state just the name in a reply
Nick Sainz - 6:31 PM
I agreed it was confusing, but not that it should over turn the vote
Brooks Scharff - 6:31 PM
Benjamin Groves - 6:32 PM
Andrew LeCody
Alex Rhodes - 6:32 PM
frank lima - 6:32 PM
Nick Sainz - 6:32 PM
Lisa Selk - 6:32 PM
Andrew LeCody
Robert Davidson - 6:32 PM
frank lima - 6:32 PM
Corteing spelling
Andrew LeCody - 6:32 PM
lol, no stuff the ballots frank 😛
frank lima - 6:33 PM
Pearce Dunlap - 6:33 PM
andrew l
Krissy Heishman - 6:33 PM
Brandon Green - 6:33 PM
Brooks Scharff - 6:33 PM
5 andrew, 3 allen, 1 abstain
Stan Simmons - 6:33 PM
I like both. Abstain
William Petefish - 6:34 PM
Andrew LeCody - 6:34 PM
I count 6 Andrew, 3 Allen,  3 abstain so far
Ken Purcell - 6:34 PM
William Petefish - 6:35 PM
by my count 6, 5, 3
Alex Rhodes - 6:35 PM
6 4 3
Brooks Scharff - 6:35 PM
                      andrew lecody
                      allen wan
Andrew LeCody - 6:35 PM
thanks for the summary brooks 😃
Lisa Selk - 6:36 PM
yup Thx
Brooks Scharff - 6:36 PM
So that has 13 of 14 present members
sorry, 13 of 15
waiting on robert and matt
Alex Rhodes - 6:36 PM
Robert is missing from andrew list brooks
Robert voted andrew
Brooks Scharff - 6:37 PM
I didn't see him in this chat vote, can we please have him post again?
Robert Davidson - 6:37 PM
Brandon Green - 6:37 PM
if only there existed technology to tally votes...
Brooks Scharff - 6:37 PM
Excel pls 😃
Would Matt like to vote?
Andrew LeCody - 6:37 PM
multi-player google spreadsheet 😃
William Petefish - 6:37 PM
or just paper and pencil.
Andrew LeCody - 6:37 PM
Matt, last call
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 6:38 PM
Ken Purcell - 6:39 PM
Thanks, ops is in good hands. Appreciate the 2nd opportunity.
Brooks Scharff - 6:39 PM
That concludes the vote.  8 for Andrew, 4 for Allen, 3 abstain
Andrew LeCody - 6:39 PM
to be clear, I am shamelessly voting for myself
8 Andrew, 4 Allen, 3 abstain
the committee's recommendation to the board will be to have me continue as chair
next topic, project storage (because I think RFID is all talked out)
Brandon Green - 6:40 PM
someone brought up paid option?
Pearce Dunlap - 6:40 PM
Alex Rhodes - 6:40 PM
I believe the first 30 days should be free
Pearce Dunlap - 6:40 PM
 give me a sec to write out what allen was talking about since hes not here
Robert Davidson - 6:40 PM
Storage or equipment?
Alex Rhodes - 6:40 PM
after that weekly.....
Stan Simmons - 6:40 PM
yes, 1st 30 free
Brandon Green - 6:41 PM
I wonder how enforcement would work when we don't really enforce our current rules very strictly
frank lima - 6:41 PM
Paid project storage I think is a necessity.
Pearce Dunlap - 6:41 PM
*paid project storage
Andrew LeCody - 6:41 PM
first month free, just like software vendors and drug dealers lol
Alex Rhodes - 6:41 PM
person doing the enforcement gets a cut
Lisa Selk - 6:41 PM
Ken Purcell - 6:41 PM
All should have paid deposit, clear your stuff get the $$ back. If not it's all ours.
Andrew LeCody - 6:41 PM
I think the main issue will be in maintaining the system
Alex Rhodes - 6:42 PM
im just saying...brooks would be a rich man
Lisa Selk - 6:42 PM
if we get a deposit like ken suggests, that would def help motivate people to get their stuff out in time - or be prepared to pay/lose their stuff
Stan Simmons - 6:42 PM
I'm not sold on prepaid deposit... there are some that can't afford it.
Pearce Dunlap - 6:42 PM
a flat rate/ month or week would only stop the people who couldnt afford it. allens idea was to have an increasing fee over time so people would be encouraged to finish or pack the project up 
Lisa Selk - 6:43 PM
my ears.. er eyes. are open Pearce
Brandon Green - 6:43 PM
ah yeah, the exponential growth fee, $1 for first week, $2 for second week, $4 for third week, $8 for 4th week etc
Alex Rhodes - 6:43 PM
thats awesome
Lisa Selk - 6:43 PM
Andrew LeCody - 6:43 PM
that's pretty clever
Brandon Green - 6:43 PM
to store something fora  year would only cost 7.5153362648762663292463379097259e+109
Alex Rhodes - 6:43 PM
enforcement though
Pearce Dunlap - 6:43 PM
i was thinking that people who were abusing the project storage rules as they are now could be rolled into paid storage after x# of months/weeks of extending in the free space
Alex Rhodes - 6:43 PM
Robert Davidson - 6:43 PM
Exactly mgmt
Andrew LeCody - 6:43 PM
people who don't understand math will be really surprised
Robert Davidson - 6:44 PM
How are you going to bill it?
Pearce Dunlap - 6:44 PM
good question
i have no idea
Brandon Green - 6:44 PM
er, weekly not daily increase, only 4 quadrillion,  4,503,599,627,370,496
Alex Rhodes - 6:44 PM
ban them till they pay?
library style
Pearce Dunlap - 6:44 PM
how are we goign to enforce payment? 
Stan Simmons - 6:44 PM
Are there any rules/policies that would allow billing it to membership accounts
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 6:44 PM
To be clear, we're talking about the paid project storage in the warehouse and not the personal storage in the galley, correct?
Pearce Dunlap - 6:45 PM
break their legs. 
Lisa Selk - 6:45 PM
correct Matt
Pearce Dunlap - 6:45 PM
no stan we cant add to the billing 
Robert Davidson - 6:45 PM
There would likely need to be a initial contact
Ken Purcell - 6:45 PM
If you can't afford to lose the $$ take your project home. As someone who has left a project over the time allowed, I can tell you I appreciated getting my stuff back. But I had $300 worth of stuff on the shelf.
Alex Rhodes - 6:45 PM
This is also something an employee could deal with
Andrew LeCody - 6:45 PM
we can invoice via WHMCS, but can only pull money if they have a CC on file
I don't want to discourage credit card use by doing that
Lisa Selk - 6:46 PM
can't tie into PayPal?
Pearce Dunlap - 6:46 PM
thye could pay for the time ahead 
Andrew LeCody - 6:46 PM
as credit cards are WAY easier to handle in the billing system
Stan Simmons - 6:46 PM
I don't think we SHOULD pull against a CC on file
Andrew LeCody - 6:46 PM
Stan, absolutely agreed
Lisa Selk - 6:46 PM
if not auto-billed.. then temp ban until they pay up
Brandon Green - 6:46 PM
without an employee there to manage it constantly seems not practical to implement paid storage
Ken Purcell - 6:46 PM
Cash box like in galley
Andrew LeCody - 6:46 PM
the system could possibly be setup to disable their account for non-payment of the related invoice
Lisa Selk - 6:47 PM
set a max time before tossing out (so it doesn't end up getting too costly)
Pearce Dunlap - 6:47 PM
thye would be responsible for updating it and they couldnt be shocked that they HAVE to pay it after month 3 and they think its too expensive. they would have seen it before extension
Andrew LeCody - 6:47 PM
something else to keep in mind with paid storage is that we have to pay income tax on it
Alex Rhodes - 6:47 PM
I say 2 month max, no matter what.   
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 6:47 PM
i think my credit card in the Member Manager is for invoicing my recurring billing only, not additional fees of usage, which every other area in the Space is done using PayPal or cash (but is initiated by me with intent)
Andrew LeCody - 6:47 PM
or probably would have to pay tax
Pearce Dunlap - 6:47 PM
man if someone wants to pay 1000 for a month of storage in a 3x5 space 
let them
Lisa Selk - 6:48 PM
lol Pearce - no kidding! 
Alex Rhodes - 6:48 PM
haha i guess
Pearce Dunlap - 6:48 PM
yes, it would quickly turn into 'any other income"    
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 6:48 PM
but i do also see a need to collect from someone that is otherwise not appearing or is not following the rules..
Pearce Dunlap - 6:48 PM
we cant collect as discipline
Stan Simmons - 6:49 PM
locking the account until payment is arranged shoudl be good enough
Pearce Dunlap - 6:49 PM
that would just allow the people who can pay to break rules and not care
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 6:49 PM
disabling a member's keytag is a very "in your face" way of letting them know that they have pending storage payments..
Pearce Dunlap - 6:49 PM
locking the account would encourage tailgating
Andrew LeCody - 6:49 PM
I like having free storage, but we need some way to protect our volunteers from getting burned out by the small handful of people who abuse the system
Pearce Dunlap - 6:49 PM
and would require public knowledge not to hold the door for someone because they didnt pay
Lisa Selk - 6:50 PM
30 days free is more than enough
especially if the payments start small and progressively get larger.. that gives them a very real benefit to clearing the space out
Brandon Green - 6:50 PM
how can we make management of current rules easier?
Ken Purcell - 6:50 PM
Put their stuff in public jail :-)
Andrew LeCody - 6:50 PM
I think we'd have to go hardline on the rules
Pearce Dunlap - 6:50 PM
hwat do you mean brandon?
yes we do
Andrew LeCody - 6:51 PM
right now we go out of our way to contact people, even though we say we won't
Lisa Selk - 6:51 PM
have them pay up each month... if they don't pay, it gets donated (then Ops either gives it to committees/areas that can use it, set it on the giveaway shelf, or trashes it.. depending upon usefulness)
Brandon Green - 6:51 PM
seems like we could free up lots of space by keeping better track of current usage and who has what where, and who hasn't even been to space to work on their project
Andrew LeCody - 6:51 PM
the storage tracking system that a group proposed (and started) would be awesome for this
but it wasn't finished
Pearce Dunlap - 6:52 PM
currently we have the signup sheet, and only 4 rukes to follow for the storage. they shouldnt be hard
Benjamin Groves - 6:52 PM
kill project storage?
Stan Simmons - 6:52 PM
With RFID for usage tracking?
Benjamin Groves - 6:52 PM
just a random thought - I stop now
Pearce Dunlap - 6:52 PM
change it to say active project storage
Lisa Selk - 6:52 PM
no, please... it does serve a purpose
(no, please do not get rid of it)
Andrew LeCody - 6:52 PM
Stan, it was simply a digital version of the sign-in sheet, with notification built in
Lisa Selk - 6:53 PM
"Active Storage" - YES
Alex Rhodes - 6:53 PM
100% this would be solved with an employee
Pearce Dunlap - 6:53 PM
as a side i think adding "active" to the name would help with the idea of it
Lisa Selk - 6:53 PM
Agreed Pearce
Stan Simmons - 6:53 PM
I like the idea of a digital sign in, and adding the word Active to the rules
Andrew LeCody - 6:53 PM
changing the name to Active Project Storage may help, but won't solve the abusers problem
Robert Davidson - 6:53 PM
Who's is thai?
Lisa Selk - 6:53 PM
Active Project Storage (sorry left project out earlier)
Robert Davidson - 6:53 PM
Stan Simmons - 6:53 PM
I've been using that description during my tours anyway
Robert Davidson - 6:54 PM
"I like the idea of a digital sign in, and adding the word Active to the rules" who
Is this there is no name?
Andrew LeCody - 6:54 PM
I think this is a deeper issue than can be solved in one meeting
Pearce Dunlap - 6:54 PM
its project storage robert
Robert Davidson - 6:54 PM
I get that who said it
Andrew LeCody - 6:54 PM
lets table it for now and let people flesh out ideas a bit more
Stan Simmons - 6:54 PM
frank lima - 6:55 PM
Ok the word "Active" is a problem there are a number of members that use storage and have projects that are being worked on a regular basis that are referred to as "abusing" project storage
Pearce Dunlap - 6:55 PM
like frank
Alex Rhodes - 6:55 PM
John Webb?
Brandon Green - 6:55 PM
we can we throw away current past due projects to get a better gauge on how much stuff has been sitting there past 30 days
when can we
Andrew LeCody - 6:55 PM
Frank, if they are using it for more than 30 days, they should send an e-mail to ops
we have approved 100% of projects that have requested extensions
Robert Davidson - 6:55 PM
I am with Alex a employee could mange this technology solution is not needed
Pearce Dunlap - 6:55 PM
john webbs storage is multiple peoples, toms is extended personal storage
Alex Rhodes - 6:55 PM
but we cant give everyone an exception
Robert Davidson - 6:56 PM
No exceptions unless it's a DMS project for in house
Alex Rhodes - 6:56 PM
its maybe 2 others
Stan Simmons - 6:56 PM
There are some very interesting projects that are taking a long time... ie: the solar project
Alex Rhodes - 6:56 PM
if his stuff was gone, then they can fill out thier own project boxes
Andrew LeCody - 6:56 PM
again, lets table this for now, I don't think we'll be able to come up with a complete solution in one sitting
Pearce Dunlap - 6:56 PM
daryl is running his refurb business out of it
Andrew LeCody - 6:57 PM
William, did you have an agenda item?
frank lima - 6:57 PM
Tom is a great example of an active project that gets worked on extremely regularly yet based on some of the comments I hear make it sound like people think it is being abused
William Petefish - 6:58 PM
nope... you got it already.
Andrew LeCody - 6:58 PM
Frank, Tom emailed in for an exemption
I don't consider him abusing storage
Stan Simmons - 6:58 PM
Toms gets worked on nearly daily, the solar project sat for a while, but seems active lately
Pearce Dunlap - 6:59 PM
i get asked all the time about his stuff when members ask me about PS
Robert Davidson - 6:59 PM
An item I would like to add is to make Allan capable of removing projects
Andrew LeCody - 7:00 PM
ok, do we have any other items to discuss in this meeting? I'm again asking that we table storage for now
ahh yeah, I almost forgot
Brandon Green - 7:00 PM
but if its been there for more than 30 days, does it matter if its active forever?
Ken Purcell - 7:00 PM
We can discuss the door openers for Jim our new handicapped member. I though Nick got quotes.
Andrew LeCody - 7:00 PM
who would like to be authorized to help clear project storage?
Robert Davidson - 7:00 PM
He wants to see more enforcement I think it comes down to volunteer labor
Andrew LeCody - 7:00 PM
I have to warn you though, you may receive flak from people
Stan Simmons - 7:00 PM
I'll help with clearing... the lower shelves
Robert Davidson - 7:00 PM
I will do it
But also I would like allen
Brandon Green - 7:01 PM
what does it take to be authorized? if the barrier of entry is nothing, then sure
Robert Davidson - 7:01 PM
You need to do it
Be active
Help on cleanup days
Alex Rhodes - 7:01 PM
which are when?  Thursday?
Robert Davidson - 7:01 PM
Brandon you should b solid
Pearce Dunlap - 7:01 PM
Alex Rhodes - 7:02 PM
Purgatory or no?
Brandon Green - 7:02 PM
no special procedures or bat signals needed?
Pearce Dunlap - 7:02 PM
items being removed are considered donations to the dms
Robert Davidson - 7:02 PM
I don't want purgatory personally
Andrew LeCody - 7:02 PM
authorization is just to make it clear who is allowed to throw the stuff out
Alex Rhodes - 7:02 PM
make it so it cant go back on the shelf
Robert Davidson - 7:02 PM
We have no room for purgatory
Andrew LeCody - 7:02 PM
and that the person authorized understands the rules
Brandon Green - 7:02 PM
we have a great place for purgatory, called the dumpster
Andrew LeCody - 7:03 PM
it helps keep confusion of the rules from resulting in lost property
frank lima - 7:03 PM
Before "authorising" people to clean project we need to answer: If someones project storage has lapsed what is the procedure for removing their things?
Andrew LeCody - 7:03 PM
there is no requirement to enforce storage at particular times
if you are authorized, you can do it whenever
Pearce Dunlap - 7:03 PM
use the storage cleaning as a tool to clear the donation shelf. clear that first and then old storage goes on donations
Lisa Selk - 7:04 PM
a lot of items that could be used by DMS or other members gets tossed in the dumpster on cleaning days (not without TONS of warnings)... I would really like to see DMS use more of the useful stuff... and the rest of stuff that's useful get put on the donation shelf
Stan Simmons - 7:04 PM
I know many of you are against it, but I still think notification would be a good thing
Andrew LeCody - 7:04 PM
the procedure is to place their item on the freebie shelf, or toss it in the dumpster
Lisa Selk - 7:04 PM
just my personal preference, obviously.. but it would be an Excellent way to approach it
Ken Purcell - 7:04 PM
Along this vein can we clear lost & never found?
Andrew LeCody - 7:04 PM
if you wish to contact, feel free, but it is _not_ a requirement
Lisa Selk - 7:04 PM
Stan... they are notified
trust me
or don't trust me
still the same... 
Pearce Dunlap - 7:04 PM
in the past when we cleaned we put stuff like sheets of wood and acrylic in the appropriate scrap bins 
Andrew LeCody - 7:05 PM
Brandon, you wished to be on the authorized list, correct?
Alex Rhodes - 7:05 PM
put me on
Stan Simmons - 7:05 PM
Put me on as well -Stan
Andrew LeCody - 7:05 PM
Alex, Stan, got it
Robert Davidson - 7:06 PM
I am down - Robert
Lisa Selk - 7:06 PM
Ha! this is AWESOME!  We are gonna have a LOT of folks helping now!  THANKS Guys! 😀
Brandon Green - 7:06 PM
Andrew LeCody - 7:06 PM
Robert, got you as well
Robert Davidson - 7:06 PM
Can we get Allen on it
Lisa Selk - 7:06 PM
Yes, please let Allen help 😃
Andrew LeCody - 7:06 PM
sure, can someone please make sure he's on the same page before he acts on it though?
frank lima - 7:06 PM
So what is the project removal procedure?

As far as I can tell it is: Alex, Robert and Stan can put your stuff in the trash....
Ken Purcell - 7:06 PM
Put me on too, doing similar for workbenches in electronics
Robert Davidson - 7:06 PM
I will take that
Andrew LeCody - 7:07 PM
Frank, the procedure is to move the item to trash or freebie shelf
Alex Rhodes - 7:07 PM
Pearce Dunlap - 7:07 PM
yeah, in most cases if i see something weird in storage i send a message to ops asking if anyone approved it
Lisa Selk - 7:07 PM
it should go to the giveaway shelf if it's usable at all
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 7:07 PM
Andrew LeCody - 7:07 PM
at the discretion of the volunteer
Alex Rhodes - 7:07 PM
30 days 
Andrew LeCody - 7:07 PM
authorized members are also allowed to issue extensions or exemptions
Lisa Selk - 7:08 PM
Pearce Dunlap - 7:08 PM
after the expired time on the sheet as the rules currently state
frank lima - 7:08 PM
Lets spell this out: On the day of a projects storage expiration is can be put in the trash without alerting the individual of the status of their project.
Pearce Dunlap - 7:08 PM
Andrew LeCody - 7:08 PM
day after
Pearce Dunlap - 7:08 PM
always has been
Alex Rhodes - 7:08 PM
for sure
Stan Simmons - 7:08 PM
Are the rules the same for pallet storage, but it has to be pre-approved
Pearce Dunlap - 7:08 PM
and its on the rule sheet
Andrew LeCody - 7:08 PM
always err on the side that gives the member the most amount of time
I'll update the rules to reflect that
Alex Rhodes - 7:09 PM
please email ops for approval before posting 
Andrew LeCody - 7:09 PM
approvals have to be recorded on the wiki as well
I'll update the rules and send an email to the ops list
explaining the process in more detail
frank lima - 7:10 PM
Am I the only one who thinks this policy is just rude...
Pearce Dunlap - 7:10 PM
Brandon Green - 7:10 PM
rude and necessary maybe
Pearce Dunlap - 7:11 PM
we gave people tons of chances to write their own expiration dates and they failed those. the ones they made for them selves
Andrew LeCody - 7:11 PM
Frank, I'm open to having a system that notifies people automatically, but having volunteers do it does not scale
Brandon Green - 7:11 PM
equally rude of member to not be excellent and deprive others of useable space
frank lima - 7:12 PM
I dont have an issue with project storage being cleared out and abandoned projects getting tossed but to not give the individual a phone call or an email alerting them of the fate of their project just seems like shitty behavior to me
Andrew LeCody - 7:13 PM
Frank, again, having volunteers do it does not scale
Alex Rhodes - 7:13 PM
Frank you can go through all of the projects every day for all i care and notify them
Andrew LeCody - 7:13 PM
I agree that notification would be ideal
but we don't have the luxury of living in an ideal world
Pearce Dunlap - 7:14 PM
but it would just turn into them storing it for another month
Alex Rhodes - 7:14 PM
but I have better things to do than track people down for not following rules they acknoledge when they put stuff on the shelf
Pearce Dunlap - 7:14 PM
or when they leave poorly written contact info
frank lima - 7:15 PM
Yes it does, If we have people put their phone number on the sheet and when the project shelf is being cleared off we call it and alert the individual so they can come and pick up the project in the next 24 hours at the end of that time send the project to the tash
Pearce Dunlap - 7:16 PM
they will just sing the sheet again
Andrew LeCody - 7:16 PM
there are almost 100 shelves to cover
Pearce Dunlap - 7:16 PM
Andrew LeCody - 7:16 PM
assuming we have to clear 10%, that's 10 shelves, at 5 minutes per call, that's 50 minutes of just calling
that's called a job lol
Pearce Dunlap - 7:17 PM
the people whos stuff gets removed and who complain about it are the ones who cant follow the posted policy
Andrew LeCody - 7:17 PM
that's not even including the time to figure out what needs to be tossed
the follow up after 24 hours
making sure the other people know the member has been notified
Pearce Dunlap - 7:17 PM
if they respected the rules that had been posted we wouldnt have to be in the situation to throw it away
frank lima - 7:17 PM
and clearing that many shelfs of things will take about 20 min per shelf so ... this activiy takes time
Stan Simmons - 7:18 PM
Writing NOTIFIED on the line would work for letting others know
Pearce Dunlap - 7:18 PM
not evn close to 20 mins a shelf
Andrew LeCody - 7:19 PM
if I can get 4 people to agree to notification and clearing the shelves, I'll let them do it
Pearce Dunlap - 7:19 PM
why should we go this far out of our way for people who cant follow rules when there are so many who follow them easily
Stan Simmons - 7:20 PM
Pearce, mostly because not everyone is perfect. 😉
Pearce Dunlap - 7:21 PM
you are giving the people who cant follow rules special treatment
frank lima - 7:21 PM
I would like to be clear I am extremely clear I am highly uncomfortable with us as a community stating in the eyes of the membership: We can put your project in the trash at any time for any reason.
Pearce Dunlap - 7:21 PM
Andrew LeCody - 7:21 PM
Frank, that's not at all what we are talkign about
we're saying after 30 days
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 7:21 PM
I have created a script that was used for notifying and verifying the information of students and records call attempts and when the caller was reached. Such a script could be modified to suit these purposes but would probably be better as part of a larger storage system.
Andrew LeCody - 7:22 PM
Frank, would you like to volunteer to help notify and clear shelves?
Alex Rhodes - 7:23 PM
@Matt Can you walk me thorugh the process if I wan to store something.   What happens
frank lima - 7:23 PM
yes, I would but I would like to have a clear policy to protect the membership from abuse real or imagined
Alex Rhodes - 7:23 PM
Its clear.   30 days  GTFO
Pearce Dunlap - 7:24 PM
the policy has the member write the date down on the paper themselves
Andrew LeCody - 7:24 PM
ok, please get at least 3 other people to volunteer to do so and I'll make notification a requirement
Pearce Dunlap - 7:24 PM
they couldnt have missed it
Andrew LeCody - 7:24 PM
I need at least 4 volunteers to ensure it'll get done regularly without burning out one person
Stan Simmons - 7:24 PM
I'll help Alex
or was it frank?
frank lima - 7:25 PM
Stan Simmons - 7:25 PM
ah... chat is confusing
frank lima - 7:25 PM
yes yes it is
Pearce Dunlap - 7:25 PM
its really not...
Andrew LeCody - 7:26 PM
lets stay on topic
the current storage rules will stay in force, I'll update the wiki page outlining the policies for authorized members of ops to clear them
frank lima - 7:26 PM
Justin Edwards also volunteers to help with calls 
Andrew LeCody - 7:26 PM
for those who wish to make notification a requirement, I'll need at least 4 volunteers before the rules are changed
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 7:26 PM
If I'm understanding how things are working at present: 1) enter information (name, phone number, email, storage number) into a wall-mounted tablet; 2) entered information is time-dated and stored in a database; 3) at 25 days, a person is notified by email that their storage time is going to expire in 5 days and their things are at risk of being removed; 4) 2 days prior the person is called and information that if their items are not picked up within 48 hours that their items will be trashed (and the system records if a message was left or if the person was actually reached) 5) on cleaning day the person that cleaned out the spot marks down that they cleaned it and the storage information is archived
Pearce Dunlap - 7:26 PM
he should join ops
frank lima - 7:27 PM
any one can participate
Andrew LeCody - 7:27 PM
Frank, thanks for rallying more volunteers! 😃
Pearce Dunlap - 7:27 PM
he should join ops if he wants to volunteer for ops
Andrew LeCody - 7:27 PM
ok, do we have any other topics to discuss?
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 7:28 PM
in order to remove your name from a storage (if you are no longer using a spot), enter your email on the tablet and a removal link is sent to you via email, click on removal link and you are no longer marked as having that storage spot.. the email is to prevent accidental or malicious removal..
i have two topics that i would like to discuss: the first is recycling; where are the cans being taken now and what is the general schedule for them being removed?
Pearce Dunlap - 7:28 PM
the dumpster
or foundry
Ken Purcell - 7:29 PM
Automatic doors, other than the garage door, do we want to look at warehouse to front of DMS?
Andrew LeCody - 7:29 PM
ok, lets go with recycling and then doors
currently we don't pay for a recycling  dumpster
I could get a quote, but we'll need to figure out how big a dumpster we need and where it should go
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 7:29 PM
i have a giant bottle (as per the talk boards) that is for recycling items (bottles and cans) and if there is no pressing need for only recycling cans, i would like to replace the current setup with the bottle (i'll probably bring it by tonight)
Stan Simmons - 7:30 PM
There have been various members taking the full bag from the cans only trash... I'm not sure if they are going to residential recycling or to foundry.
Lisa Selk - 7:30 PM
I know some members have been putting clean aluminum cans in the bin next to the haas... Bryan does something with the scraps... might ask his opinion on cans 😉 😃
Alex Rhodes - 7:30 PM
Tom Thompson takes them
the cans that is
Andrew LeCody - 7:30 PM
one issue with recycling would be that pickup is probably monthly, uncleaned cans will attract bugs
Lisa Selk - 7:30 PM
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 7:31 PM
Alex Rhodes - 7:31 PM
hes the guy who has the bin in the Galley
Andrew LeCody - 7:32 PM
ok cool, are we all up to speed on recycling then?
I'd like to wrap up the meeting before we hit two hours
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 7:32 PM
well the recycling question was replacing the current can with a larger recepticle and accepting bottles and cans..
Andrew LeCody - 7:33 PM
I'm all for recycling, but where would it go?
Pearce Dunlap - 7:33 PM
go for it, theres plenty of people who dont read though. i end up taking the cans out because they reek of food trash
he wants to replace the one in the kitchen
frank lima - 7:34 PM
We never finished talking about storage...
Andrew LeCody - 7:34 PM
ahh, so we'd still handle it as before, with members taking the bags of cans to recycle at home or whatnot?
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 7:34 PM
From Talk: "That all being said, if you're willing to empty the container every so-often and take the bag to a recycling center as a resident (  ) then I'm certain you'll have no opposition from DMS!"

 Matt - " I'm down for that. Just need to figure out how often the large container with bottles and cans will need to be emptied. Then we can remove the general use trash can that is there and put it to better use elsewhere."  
Andrew LeCody - 7:35 PM
cool, Matt if you want to head it up, go for it!
I'm 100% on board :)
Pearce Dunlap - 7:35 PM
yes andrew, matt you could take them whenever you wanted. there are a few others willing to do so as well
Andrew LeCody - 7:35 PM
I'll hit up the waste company and check prices again
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 7:36 PM
i just wanted to make sure that no one was vested in handling that right now already
Andrew LeCody - 7:36 PM
Matt, you're in the clear
Pearce Dunlap - 7:36 PM
infact robert spera is making a huge can cruncher, you may talk to him about it
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 7:36 PM
and i'll contact HAAS (and possible metalworks) to see if they wanted cans for those pursuits before they hit recycling
Pearce Dunlap - 7:37 PM
john k in foundry is your guy to talk to
Andrew LeCody - 7:37 PM
thanks Matt 😃
I've sent in a request for quote to bluebonnet
if the price is good, we can do recycling on site potentially
Robert Davidson - 7:38 PM
Matt to confirm your planning to remove them from the bldg and if you don't show up they goto the dumpster
Your talking probably at least 2 days a week
Matt "Comter" Zeisler - 7:38 PM
Andrew LeCody - 7:39 PM
cool, on to doors then!
I'm all for automatic doors, I think Nick was getting us a quote?
Stan Simmons - 7:39 PM
I think we should have a remote opener for the ramp door, and for at least one of the warehouse to office doors.... Jim did say he didn't have any trouble with getting into the front of the space once he got in the ramp door
Andrew LeCody - 7:39 PM
Matt, I'll update you on the dumpster when they let me know 😃
Robert Davidson - 7:40 PM
Yep nick is supposed to have 3 options
By the bod meeting
Andrew LeCody - 7:40 PM
I think priority should be:
1. garage door, using RFID from the ramp
2. one workshop-office door
3. other workshop door
Lisa Selk - 7:41 PM
I plan on moving the tables over a bit in 3D Fab to make the entry way more accessible, too (as accessible as the existing doorway allows anyway....)
Stan Simmons - 7:42 PM
When/if the door near the lecture hall is set for ADA, it should be rehung to open into the warehouse.
Ken Purcell - 7:42 PM
Andrew LeCody - 7:42 PM
Stan, agreed on rehanging it
I think we'll end the meeting on that note, since we're almost at 2 hours
Lisa Selk - 7:43 PM
Andrew LeCody - 7:43 PM
if you are not currently in the ongoing ops chat, but would like to be, please have one of the other members add you
please note, it's crazy active
Pearce Dunlap - 7:43 PM
youll want to mute it
Andrew LeCody - 7:44 PM
thanks everyone for being involved in this meeting, I'll post the minutes to the forums in a bit
Pearce Dunlap - 7:44 PM
it will stay at the top of your hangouts anyways
Lisa Selk - 7:44 PM
Yup.. .I'm 99% sure I'm the only one that doesn't mute mine... (me = glutton for punishment.. hehe)
Thank you!
Andrew LeCody - 7:44 PM
feel free to archive this chat
on the desktop version you can do so by clicking on the gear in the top right and clicking archive
Lisa Selk - 7:48 PM
Matt and Allen are the only two not on the Ops chat... I'll ask Matt if he wants to be added right now... I'll ask Allen the next time I see him in person... 😃