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The Operations and Facilities Committee is in charge of general maintenance for the space. This page contains our compiled knowledge on the various aspects of that duty.

List Of Items On Loan

Once of the responsibilities of the committee is to maintain the list of Items On Loan.

Item Location Owner Notes
Cabinet Saw Woodworking Greg Needel Requires training to use
Drill Press Workshop Greg Needel
Belt Sander Woodworking Greg Needel
CNC Plasma Cutter Metalworking John Pozadzides
Stereoscopic Microscope Electronics Jonathan Shook Requires training to use
Lincoln Electric MIG welder Metalworking Alyssa Pipe
Brother Knitting Machine Warehouse Alyssa Pipe
ShopVac Workshop Doug Emes
Library DPRG  ?
Coffee Vending Machine Break Room Paul Brown
Wood Lathe and tools Woodworking David Summers Requires training to use
Oscillating Spindle Sander Woodworking David Summers
Food-Only Freeze Dryer Workshop Matt Redmond MUST ONLY BE USED FOR FOOD
3 Light Kit & Green Screen Backdrop (10ft X 20ft) - Fluorescent (3000 watt equivalent) A/V room Ken Purcell


Since we are a non-profit organization (501c3), anything purchased by and for the makerspace is exempt from Texas sales tax. Typically a Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification (2nd page) is used, but some retailers have a registration process to speed up the checkout process. The following is a list of retailers we have registered with, and how to make use of the tax free process:

Store Details
Wal-Mart We have been assigned a "customer ID number", stored in the admin wiki "Vendors" page.
Home Depot File:Home depot card.pdf or can find the Makerspace by searching by organization name and zip code.
Microcenter Customer ID#: 52953676 (Call 800-743-7537 or let rep at store know you are tax exempt and give customer ID)


  • Bulbs: F32T8 - 4 ft. T8 32-Watt Cool White (4100K)
  • Ballasts: Standard F32T8 ballasts
  • Most bulbs at the space are Cool White (model# ending in CW). Purchasing Cool White is recommended so they match the existing bulbs. (They also seem to be the cheapest)


Package Units

Unit Size Filters Manufacturer Model Year Serial Thermostat Service Areas Notes
RTU #1 5 ton (2) 16x25x2 Carrier 580FPV060074AB 2007 3707G40164 Creative Arts Creative Arts, Bathrooms, Conf Rooms
RTU #2 5 ton (2) 16x25x2 Carrier 48HJD006-541 2008 2408G20399 Front Hallway 3D Fab, Lobby, Electronics
RTU #3 5 ton (1) 16x25x1, (1) 20x25x1 Carrier 48LDT006510DA ~1980 unknown Interactive Classroom Interactive Classroom
RTU #4 5 ton  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Open Workroom Open Workroom, Purple Classroom Replaced in May 2015, need to get full info
RTU #5 5 ton (1) 16x25x2 Carrier 48TJD006-511HA 1999 4799H20920 Workshop, north pillar Workshop
RTU #6 5 ton (2) 16x25x2 Carrier 580FPV060074AB 2007 4007G20239 Lecture Room Workshop, Lecture Room All vents to workshop are closed
RTU #7 5 ton (2) 16x25x2 Carrier 580FPV060074AB 2007 3707G10259 Workshop, south pillar Workshop
RTU #8 5 ton (1) 16x25x1, (1) 20x25x1 Carrier 48LDT006510DA 1984 5084G38607 Workshop, south pillar Workshop
RTU #9 10 ton (4) 16x24x2 Goodman CPG1202103BXXXAA 2011 1105474573 Woodworking Break room, woodworking, metalworking

Note: Filter information needs to be verified.

Split Units

We currently have only one split unit, this unit services the server room only.

Unit Type Size Filters Manufacturer Model Year Serial Notes
SS 2 Condenser 5 ton n/a Goodman CRT16 2006 060622933
SS 2 AHU 5 ton (1) 20x20x1 Carrier unknown unknown unknown Located inside the building, above the interactive classroom.


Room Color Name Code
Hallways/default Sand Trap
Classroom Nova White