Now accepting nominees for the DPRG-Makerspace Steering Committee

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From: Peter Smith <[email protected]>
Subject: [DMS] Now accepting nominees for the DPRG-Makerspace Steering Committee
Date: October 1, 2010 at 1:59:48 PM CDT
To: [email protected]

Last night we decided that since one of the three members of the
DPRG-Makerspace Steering Committee has vacated the position, and also
now that we have a leased space, it is time to grow and/or fix the
committee.  We're looking to grow it to a total of five members.
Glenn Pipe and I have always been on the committee so the group needs
to nominate members to be voted on and populate the 3 remaining seats.
The following members were nominated last night.

Eric Chaney
Mark Havens
Andrew LeCody
Steve Rainwater
Gus Reiter

Please send any other nominations to this list so that we can limit
duplicates.  The nomination period will end 48 hours from now (2:00PM
Sunday, 20101003.)  After that we will begin the voting for the 3
committee seats which will conclude during or after this coming week's
Thursday meeting (20101007.)

The Steering Committee's purpose is to act as the group that can
create standing rules (until the by-laws and 501c3 are in place,)
create sub-committees, coordinate and recommend by-laws, charters,
etc, and also have the authority to spend money (or delegate out
moneys) [1]!


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