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9983 Monroe

This location will is basically an add-on to our 2995 Ladybird Lane space. It has 4 rooms, an general reception area and a small warehouse. The total space is roughly 2,200 square feet.

Move-In Expenses

These sections cover the various expenses required to expand into the new space and make it usable. Build-out expenses will are presumed to be sunk costs, even though some of the items may be recoverable (such as the access control hardware). Capital expenditures are are items that are easily recoverable and will be usable at any future location. Monthly costs are simply additional monthly costs associated with leasing the new space.

Build-out Expenditures

  • New space security deposit ($900)
  • Fixing carpet after walls removed ($500?)
  • City of Dallas CO fee and inspection ($280)
  • Removing wall ($250)
  • Paint (<=$200)
  • Curtains ($100)
  • Access control (motion sensors, rfid, controller, door strike) ($300)
  • Doors and installations ($400)

Total $2930

Capital Expenditures

  • More chairs (~$750)
  • Other furniture (desks, couches, etc) ($1000)
  • New camera ($100)
  • New Access Points ($150)
  • More projectors for new classrooms ($400 each)
  • General AV ($1000)
  • Refrigerator ($200)

Total $3600

Monthly Costs

  • $900 rent
  • $60 insurance
  • Increase in power bill (~200?/month)
  • Increase in cleaning costs ($100/month)
  • Increase in water ($10)
  • Increase in gas ($10)

Total $1280

Total Move-in Cost

Total : $7810

One-time Exit Expenditures

These are prospective costs, some or all of them may be required during move-out.

  • Warehouse wall repair ($400) - Confirmed, will need to be done.
  • Remove Doorway ($200) - Unlikely.
  • re-install classroom wall ($250) - Confirmed, will need to be done.
  • Repair carpet ($500) - Only required if the "L" or "C" shaped walls have to be restored, unlikely.
  • Security Deposit Refund (-$900)

Total: $450

Link to cost spreadsheet

Costs So Far

  • $1,800 security deposit + first month's rent
  • $15 City of Dallas's water application charge
  • $57.98 Electric Door Strike (for access control)
  • $91.24 Wireless Motion Detectors (for security system)