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MultiCam Classic CNC Router

The MultiCam CNC router is capable of cutting and engraving up to 5x10' sheets of wood and plastic. Training is required in order to use it.


Basic users may only cut wood on the machine. Advanced rated users may cut wood and plastic, and may engrave many materials with the diamond drag bit.


There are currently three classes being offered for the CNC Router at various times during the month.

Basic CNC Router is approximately 4 hours in length, and has a $50 fee. This fee helps pay for replacement bits and machine maintenance. After the class, a hands-on test must be scheduled before unsupervised use of the machine is allowed. This class enables users to cut wood and products made from wood.

CNC Router Hands-on is a workshop intended for new users to get some additional hands-on experience prior to taking their test for the Basic CNC Router class. The class is limited to 5 persons.

Advanced CNC Router is offered only for those who have already earned their basic rating, and gained some experience using the router. Topics are discussed to allow users to become more proficient using the router, and to enable advanced users to cut plastics, as well as using the diamond drag bit.


For studying purposes:

The MultiCam EZ ControlĀ® keypad

User-supplied Cutters

If you choose to provide your own cutters (bits), here are some options:

  • Onsrud - particularly for mills, compression bits and ballnose (Onsrud is frequently available through Manson Tool)
  • Freud - particularly for Vbits and tapered ballnose
  • Other popular brands include Amana, Misenheimer and Niagara Cutter plus these online sources:

Infrastructure Setup

The MultiCAM computer in the woodshop is a Raspberry PI remote connecting to the Jump Server.

The Jump Server has software that supports the MultiCAM.

"Machine Tools Suite v4" is required to be running on the Jump Server for operation. This software has a required USB dongle on the VMH-07 Hyper-V server.

The software can be downloaded from MultiCAM Downloads and it is called "MultiCam Suite 4 Install"

VCarve Pro is also installed to support the MultiCAM.