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Purpose of this List

This is a voluntarily and manually updated list, as such it may be out of date. It was created as an alternate freelancing contact list to the following thread posted on our public TALK forum:

Name Photo TALK Username Preferred Contact Information What work you are available for (include link to your portfolio, if desired)
Sample Member
@SampleUser [email protected]; 214-867-5309 I am available to provide Samples. Here is a link to my portfolio with some samples of my Sample Work:
Jeremy Doss
@JeremyDoss [email protected] I currently work full time as a full stack software engineer working in C# ASP.NET Core, AngularJS, & MSSQL mainly, as well as a host of other languages and frameworks. I've taken classes in game dev using C++ and DirectX 11 and also enjoy tinkering/hardware/IoT and modifying my car at the space.

Here is a link to my portfolio with some (out of date) samples of my projects:

Daniel Hawn @tombakerftw talk forum or danieljhawn (at ) gmail Will vector for cash or crypto! I used to draw vectors for a living and I have a great deal of experience troubleshooting vector files and getting random internet vectors to a "cut-ready" state.
@Denzuko [email protected]; 512-920-8169 They call me the guy that gets things done while I'd like to say I'm just a humble project manager and interim CTO with all the right connections. LinkedIn [1] with me.
Kevin Patel
Photo (12).jpg
@Paddle Kevin (@) Maker of Custom Illuminated Dance Poles
Raymond Jett
My business logo.jpg
@Raymond channelmaniac (at_) I run and fix old school game consoles (NES and earlier), old computers (286 and earlier), and many arcade game boards. I also sell NOS and tested pulls for hard to find old DIP style digital logic to keep those systems running.

From the day job I have experience in writing Product Requirements Documents that are crucial when you're trying to outsource development work.