Meeting 20110526

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Makerspace Agenda/Meeting

  • Events and Projects
    • Darkroom/Photography (Ian or Steve Reeves)
    • Tom Servo group build (Haley/Steve)
    • Space Balloon (Andrew, Leland, Bryan)
    • Dallas MakerCast (Leland, Phil, Andrew)
    • Kickstarter (Leland)
    • DIY Hulu Hoops (Steve)
      • mention POV plans, addressable RGB LED strips, Dale's project
    • Clear resin embedded table top (Jonathon and Johnathan)
  • New Project Proposals

Meeting Minutes

  • Guest introductions
    • 4 new guests
  • Projects
    • Leland
    • Nicole
      • Lego camera. Medium format film, made of legos.
      • Developing day. If you want to be in on the Developing day just contact Nicole or Steve Reeves.
    • Johnathon Shook
      • If you want to learn about MCUs and Microcontrollers, come by Wednesday.
      • Epoxy art project update. The space move coming up, workspace soon. On hold temporarily.
    • Shona Haskins
      • Johnathon H's etch-a-sketch AVR setup. Want to have in the Kickstartr.
    • Glenn Pipe
      • If anyone wants to take a Laser class
      • IGM
    • Project:Clustered Panda boards
      • Canonical on ARM
    • Mentioning the plan for a new space, committee(s)
    • Space rates