Mark Havens Statement of Intent 2020

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This serves as the formal notice required by ยง4.6.1(5) of the Dallas Makerspace bylaws regarding my willingness to serve as a member of the Dallas Makerspace Board of Directors for the 2020 term.


Primary Goals

  • Unify our community, regardless of past grievances, by means of grace, forgiveness, willful forgetfulness, mutual respect, and an open mind
  • Help facilitate a shared vision and purpose during the pandemic by extending Dallas Makerspace's online mission
  • Mindfully enable a voice for membership by personally and proactively drawing in all respected and willing influencers within our community, regardless of their past affiliations, and making them a valuable and impactful part of our governance process
  • Create regular roundtable discussion groups to facilitate trust and transparency among all engaged members; to enable any member to feel heard and like equals among leadership instead of feeling like subordinates
  • Develop a leadership culture that eliminates impropriety while mindful about avoiding all appearances of impropriety
  • Further develop a leadership culture that proactivity demonstrates and enforces a high standard of civility, respect, and excellence to all members at all times; no exceptions

General DMS Background

  • Co-founded Dallas Makerspace in 2010 by facilitating relationships, cooperation, and support from like-minded people
  • Bootstrapped our DMS community from a core group of five passionate regular attendees/co-founders
  • Developed our present-day Dallas Makerspace business model
  • Recruited many founding members of Dallas Makerspace over much food and shared pitchers of beer
  • Guaranteed DMS viability by co-signing the lease of our first location on Audelia in 2010
  • Proactively cultivated and guided DMS culture by means of example, support, and interpersonal discussion of relevant cultural ideas and philosophy
  • Served as a Founding Director of the provisional board until an official board was elected in 2011
  • Served as the DMS de facto Secretary until 2011
  • Principal officiate of the sudo leadership pattern until we transitioned to formal leadership in 2011
  • Drafted the original bylaws as ratified by DMS membership in 2011
  • Provided leadership mentoring to young adults in executive roles throughout my history at DMS

Relevant Formal Qualifications

  • Self employed for most of my career as a professional management consultant, IT consultant, and internet entrepreneur
  • Managed hundreds of people throughout my career within my own companies, for client companies, and while serving management roles in large corporations
  • Served as a director and architect of dozens of multi-million dollar cloud infrastructure projects while at AT&T, with a discretionary spending limit of over 30 million per project
  • Designed original online nation-wide billing infrastructure for AT&T's exclusive iPhone release, budgeted at over 300 million
  • Conducted multiple formal investigations regarding malfeasance for both executive leadership and middle management of large corporations


  • Awarded fellowship to pursue Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2016
  • Earned a Master's in Management and Information Security in 2013
  • Earned a Bachelor's in Computer Science in 2005

Personal Information

In the interest of total openness, transparency, and trust, I'd like to disclose the following personal information:

  • Age: Forty-four
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: Boy of 8; girl of 18 months
  • Hometown: Brownsville, Texas
  • Religious Affiliation: Southern Baptist
  • Political Views: Libertarian
  • Most embarrassing hobby: Spent 20k collecting Rubiks Cubes
  • Longest played video game: EverQuest; 7 years

Full Disclosure

In 2015, after my ex-wife reported that I was in possession of marijuana, I was formally charged for attempting to make pot brownies. This remains a first-degree felony in the state of Texas. I later agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge in order to avoid a conviction. The case was later dismissed as part of the plea agreement. Since I was never convicted, I do not legally qualify as a felon.

Electronic Signature

/s/ Mark Havens

Nominated By

Joe King, john a. gorman, Mark Salas, Max Kirkland, Karen Kitchen, Cairenn Day, Ryan McCutcheon, Josh Melnick