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Maker Manager provides a web interface and automation for the access control system, billing, and integrates the other various systems that run Dallas Makerspace.

Main Features

  • Allows users to request and activate their own RFID badges after they've signed a liability waiver.
  • Checks Smartwaiver to see if the user signed a liability waiver.
  • Provides an API that allows WHMCS to automatically activate and deactivate RFID badges when an user's payment is overdue.
  • Provides an easy way for users to access their billing account by using their LDAP credentials.
  • Allows Dallas Makerspace to directly link users to their billing account while allowing them to use their usual login information.
  • Request an RFID badge for yourself or your added family members.
  • For family member account holders, it provides a solution for creating Active Directory accounts and self-servicing badges.
  • For administrators, it provides a self documenting solution for adding badges to the access control system along with an easy way to manage them.



Maker Manger is now on version 3.
File:MM3signup edited 01.pdf Here is a guide to using it.
I'll updated again if I find the github, etc.