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This project has been completed.
If you would like to expand on this project, we suggest creating a new project page.

The Logo is now at http://dallasmakerspace.org/wiki/File:Vector_Logo_Black.svg Vector Logo Black.svg

Dallas Makerspace is looking for a new logo and we're having a contest to get it!

The Contest

What is there to win?

We're still working out the details, but there will be some kind of a prize for the winner.

What are we looking for?

We need a logo that will bring some image recognition to our group and which embodies the mixture of Art and Science that we have at the makerspace. Something which evokes geek imagery in some way, but isnt too literal.

Technical Requirements

The logo should include the name "Dallas Makerspace" somehow. You can make two versions, one with the name and one without if you'd like. It needs to be a vector graphic which looks good as standalone image, as a etching, or as a cutout. If its not square in shape, there needs to be an alternate version that looks good in a square shape for Facebook and all the other social networking sites.


This competition is open until Sept. 30th - as we need to create promotional material with the logo for the TEDxSMU talks.

Who can participate?


Need inspiration?

Here are some cool sites that might spark your creative spirit. [1] [2] [3]