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Led Table Video 1

Led Table Video 2

Led Table Video 3


  • Coffee Table of Addressable Leds (Done)
  • Interface for creating animations, new effects, light demos (Done)
  • Raspberry Pi Control for expansion (Done)
  • Image based Animations (Done)


  • Mikel Duke (project leader)


  • 06/12/2013 Leds Arrived, Began Design of Led assembly for laser cutting
  • 06/13/2013 Laser Cut the Led Assembly, and glue leds in
  • 06/14/2013 Built the led array and support frame, mounted power supply, and tested
  • 07/03/2013 The table frame has been built, and I have begun to stain it.
  • 07/08/2013 A sheet of Soft Ice Acrylic has been bought from Allied Plastics for $45. It is 36"x24" and will be used for the top to diffuse the leds.
  • 07/10/2013 I finally found a Raspberry Pi and will be looking into using it in combination with the Arduino Uno for more power and higher level language support.
  • 07/13/2013 The table has been built and brought home. Some extra trim needs to be added around the top to allow for a better fit.
  • 11/19/2013 Successfully got the Arduino to read full rgb led byte arrays over the USB connection from the Raspberry Pi using a Java app
  • 04/26/2014 I finally uploaded code to GitHub for the progess so far. The Arduino uses a USB interface to a Raspberry Pi which runs Apache, php, and MySQL. This allows for a webpage based interface to a java program which talks to the Arduino. BMP Image loading and animations are now possible.

Next Steps


  • Make a fancy coffee table to put the led array in
  • Research using a rPi or PCDuino instead of Arduino for greater flexibility
  • Hookup the Pi and Arduino over usb, write java to access it over serial, and a php page for the interface



  • 2 50 addressable led strings
  • Arduino UNO
  • 5V 10A Power Supply
  • Power Cord and plug
  • Power Switch
  • Misc Wires
  • 5 4x2ft sheets of MDF
  • Other wood as needed
  • Silver/White Glossy Spray Paint
  • Misc Fittings/Screws/Bolts
  • 36"x24" Soft Ice Acrylic Sheet



  • The wiring for the led strands I used was different than expected and will vary between suppliers.


Demo Code: Adafruit WS2801 Demo and Example

Raspberry Pi: Pi4J

GitHub: LedTable Code