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Hacker Dojo is a successful hackerspace with 285 members (paying $100 a month each!) and it seems like they're doing a very good job managing their business operations. There is probably a lot we can learn from them.

Things we can learn from Hacker Dojo:

  • Good list of benefits: Benefits Page
    • Paul Brown: Added more benefits to our join page, also cleaned it up a bit (added details about maker fellowship fund to a separate page)
  • We need a sign: Image
    • Those signs are fairly expensive: http://www.anythingdisplay.com/page/display/CTGY/single-sided
    • Our landlord has restrictions on signage: ""No signs or other objects shall be erected which are attached to the roof of the building and no signs shall be attached to the building at right angles suspended by guy wires, but shall be attached flush to the building in a safe and secure manner, not a canopy. All such signs erected shall advertise the Tenant's business only and no revenue producing advertising shall be erected on the demised premises without specific written permission of the landlord. Tenant shall not paint any signs directly on the walls of the building or otherwise deface, damage, or overload the building."
  • They use Expensify to report expenses and reimburse members
    • Probably not necessary
  • They get corporate sponsorships like google
  • They list what the directors have worked on: http://wiki.hackerdojo.com/w/page/26226534/Who%20are%20the%20directors
  • They have links to a contact page with links to contact their organization about sponsorships: Contact Page
  • "The directors aren't the management team. That's you. (If you are a member). The directors shouldn't be running the day-to-day operations - these roles are reserved for those more competent at doing these things then us! Similar to any Board of Directors for a company: the board appoints management, drives the company forward towards growth, brings in money, etc., but doesn't make day-to-day decisions. That is for the management team."
  • There is a sign in kiosk, where you can sign in as "staff" (letting people know you're there to help): http://wiki.hackerdojo.com/w/page/28452820/keys