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This project has been listed as inactive.
If you are interested in taking over this project please contact one or more of the project's members for more information.


Dallas Makerspace, Dallas Personal Robotics Group, and a mysterious third party are collaborating on a super secret robot design project. Print this page, memorize it, and then burn it.

Project Goals

The GreeterBot project will build two robots:

  1. A stationary humanoid robot with, emotive head, articulated arm, and static lower body located in the reception area of an office suite. This robot is called GreeterBot, and it greets visitors. GreeterBot has a camera it its head.
  2. A mobile robot which starts in the vicinity of GreeterBot and leads the visitor to their destination. This robot is called Livid Lobster, or "the lobster" for short.

When someone enters the office suite, GreeterBot will welcome them and ask who they've come to see. It will offer them the option of replying by speaking to the robot, or by touching a person's name on a touch screen. When the visitor has selected a tenant, it will indicate with an arm motion which of two hallways they should walk down, and will announce orally which office they should go to. It will then point to the lobster and instruct them to follow it.

The lobster will then move from the base of GreeterBot down the appropriate aisle as far as the destination office.


Head Body

Project Communication

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Meetings are planned to be held every other Tuesday alternating with Saturday. Stay tuned to find out exactly what this means.

Next group meeting September 13 at Cali's office 7pm 4002 Beltline Rd #110 Addison. (Surveyor & Beltline between Marsh & Miday)

Project Policies

  • The Project Manager has the final say on everything
  • Subteam leads make technology decisions for their area. Others outside the team may offer suggestions and opinions on how a subsystem design should be., but the subteam lead makes the decision. Subteam leads are expected to actively engage other subsystem team leads, to get the interface definitions between the subsystems clear.
  • If you need to buy materials, send Cali & Paul a note asking for authorization. For items purchased from the web, include a link - Cali may try to get it donated. When you receive permission to purchase, buy it & expense it back to Cali (give her the receipt).

Team Organization and Roles

We are looking for team members to contribute to the areas below. We are in particular need of help with Lobster. Please contact Leland Flynn or Paul Bouchier if you can help.

  • Sponsor: Cali Lewis
  • Requirements Analyst & Systems Engineer: Paul Bouchier
  • Project Manager: Cali Lewis
  • Photographer: Steve Rainwater
  • Documenter: Cali Lewis

Mech Team


GreeterBot Frame, aesthetics, motion, arm, electronics mounting.

  • Jason Henriksen (lead)
  • Cali Lewis
  • Talyna (skeleton)
  • Steve Rainwater
  • John Haskins
  • Shona Haskins (cat herder)
  • Other volunteers?

GreeterBot Robot Electronics Team


Electronics & FW to drive arm motors, flash lights, sense door, communicate with speech processing computer

  • Paul Bouchier (lead)
  • Glenn Pipe
  • Other volunteers?

Main Computer & Speech Recognition/Speech Team


Listen for entry detection by GreeterBot. Announce welcome message. Listen for response & interpret. Direct user to destination & tell GreeterBot & Lobster what to do.

  • Mike Eber (lead)
  • Brock Marks
  • John Swindle
  • Other volunteers?
  • Need an expert in voice recognition, or someone who wants to learn

Lobster Robot Team


Lobster electronics & FW, motion control, navigation, location system. Lobster mechanics, aesthetics, motion, electronics mounting.

  • Doug Emes (lead)
  • John Haskins
  • Cali Lewis
  • Oguz
  • Other volunteers?

Requested Donations

  • one magnetic door switch
  • Vex Linux Controller or Vex Coretex Controller: Donor: Vex Robotics
  • Sound to voltage converter. Donor: David Jannke - Probotics
  • Bar-graph, circuit board etc from DMS/DPRG component stock
  • USB-5V serial cable
  • Kinect
  • Main computer: PC
  • Speakers TBD

Status Updates

  • 31 Jul 2011 - Initial meeting of all three groups to agree on basic goals.
  • 2 Aug 2011 - First working meeting. Brainstorming and parts evaluation

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