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  • A lot of grants seem to focus on education and community building. Maybe we could get more funding by doing more educational events?
  • Question: Describe your organization and its important accomplishments.
We are an organized group of local artists, engineers, makers, creators, and thinkers who work together to collect tools and resources  
for  our membership, whom could not otherwise afford, store, or use them individually.
Key Accomplishments:
*140 Dues Paying Members
*Successfully designed, installed, and operated an art installation for TEDxSMU.
*Obtained a commercial laser cutter to allow members low cost access to commercial fabrication methods.
*Obtained a high quality 3d printer at an extreme discount.
*Equipped a functional metalworking and woodworking shop.
*We regularly sponsor free classes and events which focus on teaching programming, electronics, and other skills for "Makers".
*We have presented our creative projects to local schools and museums (recently the Perot Museum).


I'm trying to find a grant program that is willing to donate toward our mission. This is what I've found:



"Rack Gives Back supports the community with grants for arts and culture, especially as they relate to establishing a creative class of 
citizens; education, especially as it relates to STEM; and technology. We heavily focus our giving in San Antonio, Texas."


"At the Agilent Technologies Foundation, we focus our grant-making activities on two areas: advancing university research in the
biosciences and electronics, and on furthering interest and excellence in pre-university science."



"RadioShack offers a limited number of local grants each year to qualified organizations that are focused on promoting personal technology in education and certain other community initiatives."

-Opened Account, began to apply
-They expect us to have an event advertising their sponsorship. Maybe something like "Learning Arduino With Dallas Makerspace (Sponsored 
by Radioshack)?

Texas Instruments

  • Education (math and science)
  • Arts and Culture
  • Health and Human Services

Application Declined
Applied Successfully
In 300 words or less, please provide a brief statement of your specific request. (e.g., "The purpose of the grant is to...").
Our goal is to bring a fully equipped electronics lab with 24/7 access to Dallas Makerspace members at a low monthly cost. By extension, 
this brings expensive test equipment and tooling to inventors, engineers, and artists in the Dallas area who could not otherwise afford 

Although our electronics lab is functional and has basic test equipment, fully equipping the electronics lab is an expensive challenge. 
Your test equipment donations or funding would help us achieve our goal and allows us to spend scarce funds on other equipment. 

Here is a list of our immediate needs: 

Here is an artsy picture of our electronics room:[email protected]/
What are the specific, measurable outcomes or success metrics that this grant is expected to achieve?
Our primary goal is to make our electronics lab a draw to potential members. More members increases idea and skill sharing and makes 
Dallas Makerspace even more exciting.
*No more membership projects held back by lack of equipment.
*The ability to advertise our impressive electronics lab.
Requested Amount: $1000
Please Describe Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers could teach classes (open to everyone), help members with microcontroller projects on Wednesday nights, and introduce members 
to new and exciting technologies.

JP Morgan Chase

"Areas of focus include animal welfare, arts and culture, civic activities, community development, education, environment, health and medical research, human and social services, international and religious causes."

Ford Motors

"Through active involvement, Ford Motor Company Fund & Community Services seeks to build relationships with organizations that have a well-defined sense of purpose, a demonstrated commitment to maximizing available resources and a reputation for meeting objectives and delivering high-quality programs and services. Ford Motor Company Fund & Community Services places priority on supporting organizations that promote diversity and inclusion."

Bank Of America

"We provide an extensive program of arts and sports sponsorships to help maintain vibrant, healthy communities."

Not Likely


"Specifically, we focus on: Education, Healthcare, and Sustainability"


"We specialize in partnering with community organizations around the world who are working in one of our three funding areas: Critical Human Needs, Access to Education, and Economic Empowerment."

Home Depot

"Proposals for the following community improvement activities will be considered:

  • Repairs, refurbishments, and modifications to low-income and/or transitional veteran's housing, or community facilities (schools, community centers, senior centers, etc.)
  • Weatherizing or increasing energy efficiency of low-income and/or transitional veterans' housing, or community facilities
  • Engage veterans as volunteers to help other veterans in their community through service projects focusing on the renovation, repair and *improvement of homes and other properties serving veterans
  • Planting trees or community gardens and/or landscaping community facilities that serve veterans"

Exxon Mobil

"Worldwide, ExxonMobil's community investment focus areas include:

  • Education — As a science and knowledge-based company, we contribute to educational programs worldwide. Particular focus areas are science and math and the education of women and girls;
  • Health — We have a long tradition of working to improve public health and reduce health-related barriers to development in the communities where we operate;
  • Environment (biodiversity & conservation) — We recognize the importance of conserving biodiversity — the variety of life on earth;

Employee involvement — We encourage and support our employees and retirees who choose to make their own contributions of time, skills and money to community activities."


"Walmart Foundation's key areas of focus: Hunger Relief & Healthy Eating, Sustainability, Women's Economic Empowerment and Career Opportunity."


"In 2011, Chevron contributed more than $3.4 million to nonprofit and civic organizations in Richmond and West Contra Costa County for programs that focus on three main areas:

  • Public Safety, focusing on at-risk youth
  • Improving the quality of K-12 education and
  • Economic development, with an emphasis on job creation and vocational training"


"This proposal is from an area where ConocoPhillips has a strong business presence as measured by facilities, assets or employee base." (not dallas)

General Motors

  • education
  • health and human services
  • the environment
  • energy and community development

General Electric

"focusing its efforts in the areas of health, education, the environment and disaster relief."

Berkshire Hathaway

"The Buffett Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests, preferring instead to seek out worthy recipients on its own."

Fannie Mae

"Fannie Mae makes grants to well-established non-profit organizations that work to address housing-related issues and build stronger communities."


"Due to the hundreds of requests we receive every year it is impossible to fulfill every inquiry. That is why our grants are strategically chosen to align with annually developed social innovation initiatives. We do not accept unsolicited requests from educational institutions, not-for-profit organizations or individuals."


  • Raise funds to support higher education through college scholarships
  • Provide needed funds to children's charities
  • Raise funds for the Shriner's Hospitals for Children
  • Support economic growth and tourism in communities where Valero operates


"McKesson Foundation contributes more than $5 million to nonprofit organizations working to improve the health of our communities."

CVS Pharmacy

Seems to be specifically for children: "awards Community Grants to non-profits serving children of all abilities. "