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Welcome to the planning and information page for the DMSARC Field Day 2015 station. Check here for planning and information for the event and to add yourself to the attendance/coverage planning list.

We plan to operate as a 1A station using the DARC generator for our power supply. We will have our Alinco DX-SR8 with Autotuner on site. We will have a new antenna for use at Field Day before we install it at DMS after Field Day, the Buckmaster OCF Dipole seen here at the bottom of our station detail page under planned improvements/modifications.

What Is Field Day

See more about what Field Day is here at the ARRL's Page

When Is Field Day

Field Day is always the fourth full weekend of June, beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday and running through 2059 UTC Sunday. Field Day 2015 is June 27-28. We will start set up at 0900 Saturday morning and packup by around 1700 Sunday. (Side Note:DARC is planning a quick meet up at the Whataburger close by at 0830 prior to rolling to flag pole hill.)

Where Are We Going To Be For Field Day 2015

This year we have committed to be at Flag Pole Hill with the DARC. The physical address for the park is 8100 Doran Cir, Dallas, TX 75238.


If you are going please add your name here along with your call sign and when you think you can arrive and depart. Separate by comma's IE 0900-1300, 1700-1900, if you are going to be there at different times.

  1. Justin Edwards (KE5BUD) Setup to Tear Down
  2. Doug Emes (KG5BZY) - Saturday evening and overnight
  3. William Petefish
  4. Pat Hykkonen
  5. Katie Luper

How Much Does Field Day Cost

Field costs you nothing! We as a club/committee will be making a donation to DARC of $200.00 to cover use of their generator, food they provide, and just in general being great fellow operators.

What Should I Bring

You can bring what you want but here is a list of what we recommend.

  • Hand-held radios as they work great to keep in contact with each other and hey, we are Ham's after all.
  • Food and water. While DARC will provide possibly lunch and for certain dinner Saturday and some snacks it is always best to bring your own snacks and be ready to provide your own food. Typically most bring a small cooler with drinks for themselves and some snacks then go to a close by location for food or bring some to cook or reheat.
  • Sleeping Bag, no seriously we sleep there and operate for as long as we can continuously during the competition hours. You can also do like some and bring an RV but refer to park rules for this.
  • Sun Screen since we are outdoors
  • Poncho even if the weather does not call for rain, weird things happen with Texas weather.
  • Chairs if you want a guaranteed place to sit.
  • A flashlight for safety since we do operate through the night.
  • A name tag if you have one, they come in handy for getting to know everyone.

  • Don’t bring Alcohol, remember this is a City of Dallas Park and no alcoholic beverages are permitted.

See What Field Day 2014 Looked Like With DARC

Check the photos here from last year when we operated with DARC.

What We Plan To Bring

  • Some chairs for the station
  • Folding Table to the station set up
  • Extension Cables in case we need them
  • Power Strip
  • Radio, Tuner, Power Supply, and Antenna
  • 550 Cord for mounting antenna
  • Caution tape to mark hazards
  • Cooler for drinks
  • Some Snacks
  • Cases of water
  • Trash Can
  • Basic Tools for setup
  • Coax to run the distance to the antenna
  • Equipment Manuals
  • Laptop for station contact logging
  • Backup Paper Log
  • Ladder
  • Headset or Headphones for better operating ability in noisy environment.
  • Duct Tape, Always Handy
  • Headphone splitter to enable a second person to Log or listen

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