Electronics Committee Meeting 05-20-2021

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Electronics Comm Mtng and Election  5/20/21

Start ~7:38p

Attending - Art Givens, Evan Lott

ELab Status

1) Fluke 115 meter missing. ~time when DMS reopened. No video.

    Replaced w/ Mouser donation. Drawer now has 3x 115 and 1x 114

2) Flat blade screwdrivers missing. Will get some from Harbor Freight.

3) Old gear sent to auction -

  • Tektronix frames w/ plugins
  • Tektronix old current probe
  • Sola AC pwr regulator
  • HP serial analyzer
  • Pwr 1 linear pwr sply
  • Misc xbox stuff
  • 2x boxes reels smd parts

4) Roof leak above Mouser bench left of sign. Is not leaking through ceiling  tiles - yet. BoD member is aware of problem.

Expansion Status

    1) Walls for Blacksmithing and Electrical rooms are done. Electrical Room is future home for Amateur Radio SIG. May be able to move into ~1 month.

    2) Looking into getting personal storage bins out of committee area.

SIG Reports - No reports.

Misc Stuff

    1) Scope class w/ Russel. Well attended. Lots of ideas / comments exchanged.

    2) Justin is looking into doing a basic soldering class.

    3) I will look for info on Walter's DMS blinky badge class.


    Anyone else want to run?? crickets

    Solo run. Art Givens is Chair. Evan Lott is Vice Chair

End ~8:20p