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This project has been listed as inactive.
If you are interested in taking over this project please contact one or more of the project's members for more information.

I've owned several motorcycles over the years, and a 1996 Honda ST1100 is my most recent. This thing is a monster, it weighs about 700 pounds and has a gas tank that will hold over 7 gallons of fuel. Shaft drive, water cooled. I've owned cars with smaller engines...

I'm between jobs and decided that since I have time on my hands, now would be a good time to convert the ST1100 to electric. I don't have a garage where I'm living, so I joined the Dallas Makerspace. DMS has a garage area, and one of the members was already in the midst of converting a Fiero to electric. Just after Christmas 2011 I got the ST1100 moved to the garage. What follows is the steps and missteps as I go thru the conversion.


This project is currently on hold due to personal lack of funds.

Completed Steps

  • Remove the fairings and plastic
  • Remove the gas tank
  • Remove the exhaust
  • Drain fluids and remove the radiator
  • Remove the air filter and carbs
  • Remove the engine (painful, it is a very tight fit)
  • Purchase Motor/Controller kit
  • Purchase 12VDC subsystems
  • Purchase water cooling parts
  • Purchase DIY Open Source battery charger

Next Steps (TODO)

  • Complete Open Source charger
  • Machine jack shaft for bearings and pulley
  • Spec and source pulley and belt drive system
  • Build mounting plates and cradle for engine and shaft
  • Build battery boxes and cabling
  • Build control systems (throttle, regen, instrumentation)
  • Build water cooling system

Active Members


  • Convert a gas-powered motorcyle to run on electricity.
  • Document the learning process.

Secondary Goals

  • Keep the bike looking as stock as possible
  • Take video


  • (TODO)




Details on the frame mods will go here.



CALB CA60FI 60Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

36 cells x 3.2v nominal x 60Ah = 6.91kWh 115v pack

This should yield at least a 45 mile range, possibly as much as 60 miles, with a 20% safety margin.

Electronics Package

Charging System



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