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Docker Swarm is a clustering and scheduling tool for Docker containers. With Swarm, IT administrators and developers can establish and manage a cluster of Docker nodes as a single virtual system


In order to make our systems more resilient and gearing up for fully automated deployment and testing pipelines for prod/preprod services the following highlights general details on the DMS docker cloud.


Our docker cloud servers are managed though CICD and access able with a web ui known as Portainer which is authenticated against our active directory credentials.

A user needs to be apart of either Portainer Admins for docker cloud administrators or Portainer Users for general cloud users.

This gives them authentication permissions but does not grant access permissions within portainer. For that one needs to ask their committee chair to login into https://communitygrid.dms.local/ then visit users and add the new users by username into their committee’s team.

Committee Chair Add User Demo

download video with google login

How to deploy an application to DMS docker

download video with google login

Extra Details

Inventory items

all items can be found in the CMDB spreedsheet shared with Team_infrastructure.

Changes made to systems

AD Groups Created

  • Administrators: (memberOf=CN=Portainer Admins,OU=Applications,OU=Groups,DC=dms,DC=local)
  • Users: (memberOf=CN=Portainer Users,OU=Applications,OU=Groups,DC=dms,DC=local)


One on one training is available with the google classroom code: 5j4vsr5