Discovery Days 2011

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This event has been completed.
This page will remain here to serve as a record of the event.

The Dallas Makerspace and Dallas Personal Robotics Group (DPRG)

are scheduled to attend Discover Technology on February 19–20

What is Discovery Days:
Discovery Days includes Discover Technology.
Discover Technology is an annual event to showcase new technology and innovation.
They have different companies and groups present projects to children and parents alike.

How can I help?:
Volunteer to put together a demonstration or just help man the tables. We will be having
demos on the MakerBot, Head Tracking with the Wii, body tracking with the Kinect as well as
robots and musical projects.

When is the event?:
The event will be held Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
and from 12:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Sunday

Museum of Nature & Science
3535 Grand Avenue and 1318 S. 2nd Avenue in Fair Park, Dallas, TX

We must be setup 30 minutes prior to opening.
Please arrive and setup on time.

The building will be available 2 hours prior to opening.

General Info:
We have four tables to do presentations on. We would like to have 12
volunteers on hand. You do not need a project to volunteer. Please try and
stay 4 to 6 hour. However any amount of help is appreciated. We will
have a projector setup for use. Tables and Chairs are provided.
Please bring money for lunch.

Sign Up!!!

Please Contact Eric Chaney to Sign Up.
[email protected]
Please send me your name, phone number, email and when you would like to volunteer.
I will be finalizing the schedule by the 17th.

We will be having an information meeting next Thursday the 17th at the Dallas makerspace.

Thank You

Ideas for Presentations:



Micro controllers

Paper Craft

Steam Punk

Wiimote Head Tracking

Virtual WhiteBoards

Kinect Hacking


The following is posted on the Museums web site.

What was once MNS's popular Tech Fest is now Discover Technology, an installment of our 2011 Discovery Days series.

You may think you know what being an engineer, scientist, or other high-tech worker involves, but did you ever stop to think about how the things they create can change our lives? This weekend of problem solving fun will give you the chance to meet the people behind the technology—and learn about the challenges they face and the tools and concepts they use to find the answers. You also won't want to miss the live performances by scientists and engineers who really know how to get a crowd all wired up!

Dallas Personal Robotics Group
Like building robots? DPRG does!
Come see some of their creations and
learn how and why they were built.
Presented by Dallas Personal Robotics Group.

Dallas Makerspace
What do you get when you combine common household objects,
scraps of metal and a group of people with wild imaginations?
The possibilities are limitless! Come see some of the awesome
inventions at this exhibit table. Presented by Dallas Makerspace.