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This is a (non-comprehensive) list of tools at the Dallas Makerspace. This list will help us keep track of information about the tools, their general status (through the DMS Tool Status Board), and who donated/loaned it. Per the Dallas Makerspace Code of Conduct, all tools/resources must stay on the premises so that other members may use them.

Completion of a training class, or verification of equivalent experience by a qualified member, is required to use some of the tools available at Dallas Makerspace. If a tool in the list below is marked as requiring a class, you must complete a class or get approval from the committee responsible for that equipment. Many of the specialized tools at Dallas Makerspace are dangerous or easily damaged if improperly used. Some of the tools below are NOT marked as requiring a class, but are still dangerous and may require a class soon. If you are unsure how to safely operate a piece of equipment, DO NOT believe in yourself: find someone who knows how to use the equipment and ask for help.

If you are looking for a training class, keep an eye on the Dallas Makerspace Talk Forum and the DMS Events Calendar. If no class is scheduled, create one by asking the mailing list for any other potential students and members willing to teach the class.

Some of the classes and most consumables have nominal fees. Some of the tools have usage fees.

 DMS Tool Status Board

Please use the following link to check (or update) the status of our commonly used tools: DMS Tool Status Board

3d Fabrication

Useful Links

3D printers

Polyprinter 229

Polyprinter 229

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Polyprinter 508

Polyprinter 508

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Rostock Max V3

Rostock Max V3
  • Manufacturer/Model: Rostock Max V3 ,
  • Specifications: Specifications
  • Manual: User Guide
  • Filament: PLA, PETG, or Nylon
  • 110/220: 110
  • Class Required: No, Class pending
  • Donated/Loaned by: Purchased by DMS 5/2018

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3D SLA printer

Formlabs Form2

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Manufacturer/ModelFormlabs Form2
SpecificationsTech Specs
Design Specs
OwnershipOwned by DMS

Other Equipment

3D Laser Scanner

NextEngine Ultra HD with MultiDrive
Manufacturer/ModelNextEngine Ultra HD with MultiDrive
OwnershipOwned by DMS
ColorBlue and White

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Vacuum Former

Formech 508FS

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  • Manufacturer/Model: Formech 508FS
  • Size: 19" x 17"
  • 110/220: 220
  • Power: 20A
  • Class Required: Yes
  • Donated/Loaned by: Owned by DMS