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Digital Smart Modular Amateur Radio Technology

D-Smart is a new digital communications protocol that the Dallas Makerspace Amateur Radio Club is developing. All protocol, software, and hardware designs will be completely open source. The core of the system is designed around Codec2 developed by David Rowe VK5DGR.


Desired Features

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Re-register every 10m (Auto ID)
  • Station to Station QSO
  • Station to CQ QSO
  • Station to Chat-Room QSO
  • Station to Emergency QSO
  • Station to CQ @ Remote site
  • Store and forward (home node for S/F delivery
  • Web of Trust Registration (Verify ability against part 97 rules)
  • MOTD on Register
  • Local Info Pages
  • Finger protocol for Users and Repeaters
  • Voice only bridge for analog repeaters
  • List of registered towers
  • Area linking
  • Geolocation of Towers
  • Heat Mapping
    • Signal Strength
    • UTM Encoded
  • Push Local Repeater List
  • Automated hand off
  • Directed Registration
  • Broadcast Registration
  • DRCH (Dynamic Radio Configuration Protocol) via APRS
  • APRS-IS Gateway interface

This project has been listed as inactive.
If you are interested in taking over this project please contact one or more of the project's members for more information.