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Welcome to the DMS/NTDUG group build of a multicopter based on the DJI F450 Airframe. It is updated as issues arise. Please Email at "espana.romeo" AT "gmail Dot com" if there are issues that need to be corrected. Updated 2/22/2014

To All,

This is free build class for a technical and complicated application, so please be prepared to hack, repair, improvise, innovate and research every step of the way. Understand that there is no class out there that can completely cover all of the information available on the subject (much less in 6 hours), so soak up as much as you can, where-ever you can (Online, in class,and during meetups.)

My fellow instructors and I are here to help you avoid the pitfalls we ourselves have fallen into, and in turn hope you will pass that along to others.

-Romeo EspaƱa

Shopping Instructions

Please purchase all the following items in the subsections below. We have done our best to make sure items have a local option for purchase when available. We can not cover every possible user equipment configuration, so please understand if additional items/adapters are required for your equipment.

More detail below. Note - for some items, you need one out of a selection. This is not necessarily clear on the spreadsheet but is noted below.

Quadcopter Airframe Kit

Recommened Kit: DJI Quadrotor F450 Kit $309
ARF + Naza Lite GPS + LG

Consider upgrading to a NAZA V2 Combo kit if you are considering doing gps way-points (add on required) or aerial photography in the future. The setup and usage are the same as the Naza-Lite.

An overview of the kit can be found here.

This Kits is available at local hobby-shops. Choice of online vendors:

Flight Controller

If you order the recommended airframe kit it will come with a commercial flight controller DJI Naza- Lite

Advanced Users Only

Advanced users can choose the APM series of autopilots...these add way-point capabilities and are open-source. The class will not focus on the use or setup of this flight controller (Soldering Required)

ArduPilotMega V2.6 GPS Flight Control System

Connectors for Electronics

CHOOSE 1 of 2

  • Note, the kit comes with ONE deans connector.*
  • These connectors are available at all local hobby-stores in pack of 3 to 5 for around $5

A.) XT60 (RECOMMENDED) (New Connector, Easier to Solder, Widely used by Hobbyking on their batteries and chargers, available locally)

B.) Deans/Ultra Plug Connectors (Classic in R/C World, Can be difficult to solder and separate for some, skip unless your already use it)

      • If you do not want to solder new connectors to the recommended batteries please purchase the adapter below***

Adapter For HXT 4mm (Recommended Battery)

If you want in-depth info on connectors:


EC3 (Blue Elite connectors are not recommended, expensive and are easy to solder incorrectly, but are common to the Eflight batteries and products )

XT90 (Large version of XT60, Good Connector but used on larger / high voltage systems, requires a good iron to solder)

Traxxis (Flat Black connectors often used in RC Cars, expensive and limited on wire gauge)

ADVANCED USERS - Autopilot Antivibration Material - ABSOLUTE MUST BUY For ARDUPILOT


A.) Kyosho Zeal Vibration Absorption Sheet (Hard to find and often out of stock, but highly recommended, $15)

      • Its looks like these are both from the same supplier***


(Your choice of Brand/Supplier), Listed are recommendations for purchase if equipment is not already owned


Any Modern 6-8 Channel 2.4ghz Digital R/C Radio Transmitter and Receiver

-2.4ghz is nearly a requirement for multirotors , most older 72mhz systems do not fair well.

-6 Channels is the absolute minimum, and is not recommended. 7-8 Channels with at least one 3 position Switch is highly recommended.

- There is a DMS 9XR Radio and receiver at is available for testing your systems if you do not have a radio in time for the class.

Examples: Examples of traditional GOOD radios ($300+) available at local hobbyshops

Spektrum: DX7s, DX8, DX18

Futuaba 8j, 8FG

Inexpensive Radios (>$150):

Turnigy 9xr ($50) with FrySky DJT Combo ($37) (Requires a RX/TX Module (FrySky DJT), Requires a 3s Lipo battery)



Optional Battery ($12)

Walkera DEVO 10 ($150, Highly recommended by DC Area Drone users group, Hackable to DMS2/DSMX and several other protocols)


(3s aka 11.1volt Li-Po Batteries with a minimum discharge rating of 20 C)

2200mah capacity is a very common standard available at most local hobby shops but will yield short flight times

5000mah capacity is the maximum the frame can hold.


Minimum: Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 30C Lipo Pack (USA Warehouse)

OK: ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 3S1P 20C (USA Warehouse)

Good: Turnigy 5000mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack (USA Warehouse)

BEST - Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 3S 25~50C Lipo Pack (USA Warehouse)

Lipo Battery Charger

Charger Designed for Charging and Balancing LiPo Batteries (Use of a non-LiPo charger is an extremely fire risk).

Most chargers can be purchased locally, at a higher cost. Make sure you order a battery cable that adapts to your plug OR make your own by ordering banana plugs that fit your charger!

4MM Banana Plug / Charge Plug (solder type) (2 pair/bag) (USA warehouse)*Optional*


"Online" Accucel 6 - (Requires a separate dc power supply)

"Locally Available Example" Hitec X1

Required Tools and Supplies

2.5mm Hex Wrench

3mm Hex Wrench

Locktite (GREEN ONLY for locking screws.)

Scissors (Limited supply in Class)

Diagonal Cutting Pliers (Limited supply in Class)

Foam Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Video Tutorial for frame:

Class Video & Notes

For those that choose the DJI F450 Flame Wheel Kit Full Build Videos Below


Build Documents