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  • Hosted over 200 public educational events.
  • Expanded the Makerspace by approximately 2,200 sq. ft. by expanding into 9983 Monroe. By doing this, we gained another busy classroom, more workspace, and more storage space.
  • We spent the year equipping the Makerspace with tools like our new laser cutter and 3d printers. And, we used these new tools to educate the public.
  • Our Membership grew from approx. 115 members to approx. 250.
  • This also means our revenue from membership dues doubled from $6,000 per month to nearly $12,000 per month.
  • The membership came together to raise $7,985 in donations for an industrial CNC Mill.
  • Received car donation from Kent Bowling

Things We Made

Events and Participation

  • Tyler MakerFaire (March) - Great event, great showing. DMS members were 50% of the exhibitors
  • Perot Museum
  1. event 1: DMS was well represented at the first event. Brandon Green's One Dimensional Ping-Pong, Ryan McCutcheon's interactive minigolf display, a soldering station, Romeo Espana and Payne with the multicopters and aerial photography, more displays and plenty of support people.
  2. event 2:
  3. event 3:
  4. event 4: Musical Instruments - Ed Pardis and Steve Rainwater
  • Lego Mindstorm competions
  • Participated in two Red Bull Creation Hackathons
  • Defcon - The Dallas MakerSpace had great representation at the Las Vegas event, with 15+ members participating.
  • Expo at Tanners.
  • Software Freedom Day 2013 (4th year):
  • Membership Party - this event attracted over 40 members to cheer each other
  • Christmas Party - this impromptu event attracted over 40 members to cheer the holidays
  • Speaker from Make Magazine spoke, and a party ensued
  • Jeff DelPapa from Junkyard Wars came and spoke at DMS
  • Etsy event
  • Built a themed installation for the largest live art show in Dallas called UnderGround, put on by ArtLoveMagic.
  • Marriage Proposal:


  • Blacksmithing
  • Welding classes. Result: 2 shelves for member storage.
  • Laser CNC classes: well over 150 students in 2013
  • Blender
  • American Sign Language
  • Python
  • Embedded Workshop (Mircocontrollers)
  • Wood Working
  • Life Drawing
  • Drawing 101
  • Aerospace builds
  • Knitting
  • Cosplay
  • Lockpicking
  • and so many more

Educational Events

Count of Classes, Lectures, Workshops, and Hackathons:

January 6
February 6
March 22
April 17
May 21
June 22
July 20
August 22
September 23
October 21
November 19
December 17
Total 216

Tools, Tools, Tools

Tools acquired

  • Laser CNC, 24"x36" Full Spectrum Laser
  • 2x 3D Printers (purchased from Polyprinter)
  • Air Compressor with air line throughout the building
  • Sliding Compound Miter saw
  • Horizontal Bandsaw
  • Wood bandsaw 14"
  • Drill Press

Tool Donations

  • Jet drum sander
  • Jet Belt Sander
  • Metal Lathe (Denton school system)
  • $7,985 raised in donations for the HAAS CNC Mill.

New Tools on Loan

  • Delta Cabinet Saw (Greg Needel)
  • Delta Dust Collector (Greg Needel)
  • Plasma CNC - 4'x4' (loaned by John Pozadzides)
  • CNC Router 4'x4' (David Janke -

More Tools!

  • Leather working kit
  • Reloading station
  • Pottery wheel
  • Screen Printing Press
  • kilns
  • gantry crane
  • Ryobi One cordless tools

Member contributions

  • Dave Janke: CNC Router & countless offers of access to his shop for use of the Vacuum former and other tools.
  • Steve & Luke & Lance & Frank and others: Emco CNC Mill - now operational
  • Raymond Casady - steam cleaning the carpeted floors, teaching, bringing a new set of members. Thank you. Thank to Scott VR as well for the loan of the steam cleaning equipment.
  • Eric Chaney, John Haskins, and Sarah Scott for the classes they have taught all year, year after year
  • To all teachers - thank you!


  • Haley Moore successfully kick-started Laser Lace Letters and was even able to buy her own laser cutter with the funding.

  • Heather Williamee was involved with an kickstarter of puzzle books as the illustrator of its cover art.

  • LED Goes by Steve-O Wylie and Stacy Devino

Groups Hosted

The Dallas MakersSpace also supports many other groups, offering meeting space and tools at a special rate, even free!

Member Blogs and PodCasts