Computer Committee Meeting 20190821

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Scheduled Time, Location

20190821 (19:00, Dallas Makerspace - VCC Committee Area (South Lobby)


In attendance:

- Denzuko - PatrickPls - Rafael Rincon - Kile kurthers

Start Time

Meeting started 19:00

Prior Minutes

Previous minutes accepted


SIG Report

Locksport Sig

During the last locksport class several attendees desired to form a sig. This would be lead by VCC Leadership and committee supported.

Goal of the locksport sig:

  * Promotion of locksport as a hobby
  * Attendance of locksport events and organized lock picking contests such as TOOOL.NL LockCon, defcon and HOPE lockpick village(s).
  * Education through locksport classes at Dallas Makerspace

Relevance to VCC's mission:

Its in 2600 magazine and held at every infosec convention globally. Clearly locksport is something our target audience is into and the class is one of our successfully attended classes.

Moving Equipment from Secure Storage [@denzuko]

Several attempts have been made to acquire volunteer help to move our storage rack on site.


Spend Committee funds hiring a mover from taskrabbit with a budget of up to $250 to get items onsite the following weekend. upon completion of move and setup. Hold paid comptia certification prep classes on Linux+, Security+, Network+, and AWS DevOps doing the Fall through Spring months at approx two certificate classes a month. Fees are structured as follows:

DMS Members in active standing Free seat, at cost for supplies and exam voucher
Committee Patreon Member in active standing Free seet, at cost for supplies, 50% off exam voucher
General Admission 75/head, at cost for supplies and exam voucher

20% of the proceeds after expenses would be distributed to education committee and 15% of the proceeds after expenses would be distributed to the committee while the reamanding would go to the general fund to help with the expansion. Classes held by committee leadership would not be subject to instructor payments while classes held by qualified volunteers would be included in expenses which shall not exceed twice the standard honorarium set at class scheduling.


The rack server is used for Storage of equipment, lab materials and certificate classes have been promised by the committee for over a year and needed delivery to meet our operating mission goals.

Unapproved. Kile K. has volunteered to meet with Dwight S. off site Saturday between 1 and 2pm to resolve.

Committee Project - Fundraiser (denzuko)

We have several items that have been donated which could benefit the committee better if sold.


Organize a yearly "garage sale' style fundraiser to be held at the dallas makerspace for the committee, Retro Computer group, Civic Hacking and other official sigs to be able to do a silent auction of items. Tables would be open to the public for both items and bidding. Proceeds to fund the committee and contribute to DMS general fund.


Contributes to the funding of Committee activities, promotions, and the more "fun" projects.

Approved. Offline discussion to planning in pair with SDC team.

End Time

Meeting Adjourned 19:10