Classroom Committee Meeting 20161019

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Classroom Committee Meeting, Wednesday, October 19, 2016, 8 PM

Meeting notes. My additional comments in red.


Mel Rhodes, Mark Reynolds, Alex Rhodes, Lisa Selk, Patrick Thompson, Bill Gee and joined later by Amelia Young.


Calendar System

  • The calendar system used to be exclusively the domain of the Classroom committee and technically still is, but we now add anybody who wishes to volunteer to review honorarium for classes.
  • The new calendar system software has ten final things to finish up, then the code goes to GitHub so others can work on it.


The committee is primarily in charge of classrooms: keep them functional and walk-up ready to teach a class.

We are going to rearrange the Lecture Hall

  • DVDs - who owns them? Should they be there?
  • Get rid of the lecturn? [Guest speakers tend to use it. Chris Carson used it twice so far in the days following the meeting.]
  • Draco will deploy Open Cast (automated recording system) in the Lecture Hall; if it goes well, expand it to the Interactive Classroom.
  • We have a new projector.
  • We need a new stand to hold the Open Cast system and the projector.
  • We may paint the Lecture Hall? [Draco has grand plans to redecorate.]
  • Lisa suggested a sign outside saying "recording" similar to "On the air" outside of digital Media.
  • Live stream video? The current computer may not be good enough to do that.

We have some Android tablets

  • Motorola Xoom: these can charge and use a USB device at the same time, so they are more suited for use with RFID readers. [We have ten of these.]
  • Amazon Fire: these can still be useful for informational displays.
  • When a class is not in session, display the schedule; otherwise display the current class.
  • Patrick and Mike Kelp are working on apps.
  • Gus has an app from the Android Programming class.
  • Dwight volunteered to work on apps too.

Storage Nook

  • Creative Arts is taking over the storage nook. They plan to build a gallery wall; it will not go all the way to the ceiling.


  • Mel reported that some people have suggested disbanding the Classroom committee and merging its functions into the Infrastructure and Logistics committees. The general feeling is that they are both already heavily loaded.
  • Creating events on Meetup - anyone can create an account and get added as a co-organizer. Historically, it was the domain of Classroom, Infrastructure and Public Relations committees.
  • Mark asked about creating a development environment for calendar and related software - that is a Brooks question.
  • Lisa asked about changing the logo on Meetups to red to match everything else - no objections.
  • Infrastructure has been talking about an online instruction site: Moodle.
  • Raymond created PowerPoint templates for creating slide decks, initially for VECTOR, but he will share when he is finished.
  • Any non-honorarium event can be immediately approved. The current admin people are the board members plus Kent, Gus, Stan and Mel. [I think Brooks is one as well]

Chair Nomination

Bill Gee and Mark Reynolds stepped forward to chair the committee. The committee votes to nominate Bill Gee for chair.