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Computer Committee presents the Interactive Computer Museum, a live interactive experience of the meaningful milestones in the evolution of computers, internet, and how people use them. The collection was assembled by DMS member @denzuko as a way to offer interactive learning pieces members of the space to play with and experience the growth of the internet as a whole that harkens back to the days of Community Memory.

Machines at the Museum

BBS9000 Terminal


System Details
Manufacture Type Specs Purpose Access Details
Apple g3 iMac Spec Sheet Gophernet and telnet terminal for XM Core bbs(, C64 Emulator and occasional playing Myst, Infocom(ie zork, planetfall), and macintosh classics. Guest user, has 'guest' for password while DMS Guest user has full desktop access with limited programs and password written is on the terminal. Admin account is restricted to authorized users.
Software Available
Class Name Tutorial
Internet classilla Classilla FAQ
Internet NCSA Telnet README
Programming MacRelix n/a
Emulation Power64 Online Manual

Programming languages available via hypercard and c64 basic.

USB 1.2 capable and modern mouse drivers has been installed along with classilla (mozilla remake for macos 8 and 9)

For native programming A semi-full posix environment is planned to be added via the macrelix project.


External Resources

Sinclair ZX81


Two units have been acquired and are in testing for display.

Apple IIe/IIIc

In works for acquisition.

Cordata CS40


Manufacture Type Purpose
Cordata i8080 pc clone CP/M based Publix(public unix) terminal

Getting started with CP/M

PDP-11 Publix

Accessible by visiting the doors menu on XM Core (

Web based Emulator

External Resources

Online Resources

Both an dialup BBS and public unix is available for users to access.


Telnet console Gopherhole gateway FTP gateway [usenet:// Usenet gateway] [pop:// POP3 gateway] Web Interface
Mystic BBS BBS interface, fido tools, and internet services (smtp,pop,imap,ftp,telnet) Mystic BBS Wiki

Read more in Category:BBS

Publix - Public UNIX Services

SunOS 4.1.1 Basic unix services, RAS services Blog Article
Plan 9 Grid CPU, Auth Technical Details

Connecting to the publix plan9 grid:

  1. Install drawterm
  2. execute drawterm -c -u ec2

Connecting to the publix:

  1. visit
  2. Select Doors then either plato or Publix.


Volunteer opportunities are available to DMS members and include anything form basic maintenance, tech support, and repair of collection pieces to event coordination, teaching classes on programming/computer engineering/IT, and contribution to the BBS & Public Unix system.

Virtual Space

Efforts to present the history of the machines we have in the collections are under way to develop a virtual museum space using JanusVR. The Virtual Space will provide an unique experience to see first hand the technology and process that when into building these beloved computers.

MultiMedia Library


Published Topics
Byte Magazine Late 1970s and throughout the 1980s microcomputing and early IBM PC/DOS
Creative Computing
80 microcomputing magazine
Compute magazine
Kilo Baud Magazine
2600 Magazine

Usenet Groups

Warning: these are still live threads and some may not be moderated. Treat as nsfw but still a good historical resource