Board of Directors Meeting 20190422 Special Meeting

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20190422 Special Board Expansion Issues

Meeting called to order at 1905

Those present are

David Kris Chuck Steve(Phone)

Rich notes phase one is complete. He noted the metric to mark this were that the Certificate of Occupancy was achieved. Other notes are that the electric panel that was up for replacement has been done. Extra breakers have been added to the new panel for further expansion. Rich has been working on mapping circuits in 102 for better knowledge. Need a new chair for phase 2. Jimmy is unavailable to continue currently. Kris stated she could lead the 2nd phase.


David proposes Kris be acting lead for phase 2. Chuck 2nds. Kris abstains. David for Chuck for Steve proposes it be opened up to all via talk or another method. Kris states that she would like to fill it in the interim, will step down up a vote by the board, does not want to leave the chair empty. Steve agreed.

Motion changed to Kris will be acting lead for Phase 2 until next board is installed and places someone in the position.

Steve for

Motion Passes

Rich needs help with the ducting in 102. He is looking for those who might be able to help David suggests Chuck Graf, possibly David Busby


David proposes board ratify area swap between science and vector. Kris seconded

Vote Steve for Chuck abstain David Aye Kris for

Motion passes.

Kris and David noted that they had talked to an agent for insurance for gift shop area. Retail sales/Rental of lobby classroom. Liability waiver, need to speak with David Griggs.

David griggs to deliver proxy form by 25 April.

2 proxies will be provided

1 would grant authority to a person to vote on their behalf 2 would grant authority to a person to vote on their behalf but it would state how they wanted to vote. Mail date for snail mail notification will be NLT 29 April.


Petitions for bylaw inclusion on the ballet are due NO LATER THAN 1900 April 24, 2019. Wording changes will not be accepted after this time/date.

David called for any additions to the ballot at the meeting. None were heard.

These notes were taken by Yashsedai. If you have any questions, contact him. This meeting was fast paced and hard to capture all said.