Board of Directors Meeting 20110820

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Time, location

18:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Previous minutes

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chair


Old business

New business

  • Problem: We have run out of RFID tags
  • Why: We have used up all of our remaining RFID tags
    • Solution 1: Authorize purchase of additional RFID tags
  • Problem: We require additional funding to finish the space build out.
  • Why: Due to the unforeseen issues with the bio lab floor we will need to use an epoxy to cover the floor. We are also in need of floor molding/trim to replace the rubber trim that was removed (and not reusable) during the staining process.
    • Solution 1: Authorize $500 in additional funding, this should cover the remainder of the build out.



Board of Directors Meeting 8-20-2011

  • Andrew LeCody
  • Peter Smith
  • Glenn Pipe
  • Leland Flynn
  • Nicole Greeley

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm by Andrew LeCody

Andrew motions to waive notice of meeting. Seconded by Nicole Greeley

  • Aye-5
  • Nay-0

Andrew motions to approve prior meeting minutes. Seconded by Nicole Greeley

  • Aye-5
  • Nay-0

Agenda Item One: RFID Tags

  • Problem: We need more RFID badges for new members
    • Solutions:
      • $100 for 110 or $28 dollars for 20 through Kawa-Mall
      • Itead Studio for .50 each

Andrew motions to purchase 30 pieces @ .50 each from Itead Studio. Seconded by Peter Smith.

  • Aye-5
  • Nay-0

Agenda Item Two: Final Budget for Build Out Project

  • Problem: Holes in concrete in the Bio room, baseboards for hallways and rooms, paint for the walls.
  • Solution: Purchase concrete to fill in holes. Priced out wood versus rubber baseboards and priced out stain and paint.

Concrete was donated by Andrew LeCody.

Breakdown of remaining costs (figures are approximate):

  • $125 for wood
  • $75 for Epoxy for Bio room floor
  • $150 to cover overage on previous budget
  • $25 for pre-mixed concrete patch

Andrew LeCody motions to allow $500 dollars for remaining floor project with the stipulation that we gather as much as possible in donations to offset costs and the remaining amount of the 500 dollars will be returned to the general fund. Seconded by Glenn Pipe.

  • Aye-5
  • Nay-0

Next board meeting scheduled for September 3rd at 5 pm.

Andrew LeCody adorned the meeting at 6:20 pm.