Board of Directors Meeting 20110814

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Time, location

17:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Previous minutes

Officer/Committee reports

Treasurer - John Haskins will report on our finances.

Committee chair

Operations and Facilities Committee chair, Shona Haskins will report on the status of the build-out.


Old business

New business

  • Problem: The power supply for plasma TV is dead.
  • Why: It would be extremely useful to have a working TV of this size in the classroom (better for viewing than a projector when the lights are on).
    • Solution 1: Purchase a replacement power supply for $91.50 ($80 + $11.50 s/h) from ebay. -- ON ORDER - GLENN --
    • Solution 2: Buy a new TV, example: Dynex 46" LCD / 1080p
    • Solution 3: Use only projectors in the classroom.



Board Members Present:

  • Andrew LeCody
  • Nicole Greeley
  • Leland Flynn
  • Peter Smith
  • Glenn Pipe

Officers Present:

  • John Haskins-Treasurer

Meeting Called to Order at: 5:28 by Andrew LeCody

  • Approval of Prior Minutes motioned by Andrew LeCody seconded by Nicole Greeley
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay: 0

Treasurer Report by John Haskins:

  • Approx 10,000 in the bank ATM
  • John is in the process of getting every member current with Liability Waivers. Currently 11 members do not have waivers saved
  • Since last Board Meeting we have gained two new members
  • Three members are expiring their membership
  • Action Item: Get a directory listing option set up for members.
  • Steve Reeves, Nicole Greeley, Chris Seifert have volunteered to be a Deputy Treasurer
  • Deputy prospects will meet this Wednesday August 17th to go over requirements with John Haskins
  • Action Item: John Haskins will try to get images from Mark Havens of members.
  • Andrew motions to approve the use of Deputy Treasures seconded by Peter Smith
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay:0
  • Current member count: 56

Operation and Facilities Update by Shona Haskins:

  • Issue with Bio room because of the drains that originally had carpet in the room.
  • All rooms that will have carpet's stripped up have been stripped excluding the lounge.
  • Currently the glue from the carpet is being removed via a floor maintainer
  • Tomorrow or Tuesday the heater will be fixed
  • Cost for the chemicals/Floor Maintainer: $443.17 + 97.67 dollars spent by John Fields

  • Nicole Greeley motions to return any amount of money gained from the return of items that John Fields purchased with the option that he can donate that amount back to the floor project should he desire. Seconded by: Leland Flynn
  • Aye: 5
  • Nay: 0

  • Nicole Greeley motions to approve the spending of $443.17 for floor project. Seconded by Andrew LeCody..
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay: 0
  • Build out for the Electronic Room: John Haskins estimates the need for 250 dollars to purchase of bins that are similar to what is currently in use in the room to house.
  • Currently there is $40 left in the Office Supply Budget
  • Proposed amount for Floor Project completion: $256.83
  • Andrew LeCody motions to approve $256.83 for General Build Out and Floor Project for a total budget of $700. Seconded by Leland Flynn.
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay: 0
  • Next several weekends will be scheduled as Work Days

Agenda Item One: Electronics Room

  • Andrew LeCody motions to approve 250 dollars for additional bins for storage within the Electronics Room. Seconded by: Nicole Greeley
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay: 0

Agenda Item Two: AV Room Buildout

  • Leland proposes that the AV room will need two microphones, cables, stands, an indicator light for when the room is in use. Estimated cost: $200
  • Andrew motions that we approve $200 for the purpose of purchasing microphones, cables, and stands in the AV room. Seconded by Glenn Pipe.
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay: 0

Agenda Item Three: Enco Mill

  • Current proposed cost to build out mill is approx 700 dollars. Research of pricing is available on the wiki page
  • Nicole Greeley motions to have the build out amount of the Enco Mill be re-evaluated by a fresh set of eyes and run a fund raiser for additional money to help with the build out. Seconded by: Andrew LeCody
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay: 0

  • Update on 1023: Application has been accepted by IRS and the check has been cashed.

Agenda Item Four: Plasma TV

  • Problem: Currently the TV is not in working order.
    • Problem could possibly be the power supply.
  • Power Supply proposed: $91.50+ $12.00 for shipping costs if we need to return it.
  • Solutions Options: Buy another TV for 400, or use a projector in the classroom
  • Leland has a projector that just needs a bulb and has been donated to the space. He will price out getting a new bulb.
  • Andrew LeCody proposes that we approve the spending of 105 for the replacement power supply for the plasma TV. Seconded by Glenn Pipe
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay: 0

Agenda Item Five: Electronic Vending Machine

  • Kineteka can put a vending machine out in the warehouse that has electronic parts that can be purchased by members and half the proceeds go to DMS.
  • Contract would need to be drawn up between DMS and Kineteka.
  • There is no upfront cost to the DMS to have the vending machine put in the space
  • Andrew LeCody motions that we move forward with the process to work out the contract with Kineteka about the vending machine. Seconded by Leland Flynn
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay: 0

  • Nicole motions to set up a fund called DMS Paraphernalia for items such as shirts and other future items. Seconded by Peter Smith
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay: 0

Agenda Item Six: Commercial Use of Space

  • For any use of the space where an entry fee is charged, 25% of the sale price for each fee goes to the Dallas Makerspace.
  • If no fee is charged to members, use of the space is free. A non-member entry fee may still be charged. [NOTE: This is to encourage membership in the makerspace and participation in the class. This will also allow an avenue for classes to generate profit for the company/person teaching, encouraging more classes to be held.
  • If an entry fee is charged, it is requested that a lower rate be available for Dallas Makerspace members. If a lower fee is charged, 15% of the sale price for each reduced rate fee goes to the Dallas Makerspace.
  • Andrew LeCody motions to renane meeting sections of Standing Rules to Events and to add a guideline for For-Profit Events aforementioned (see bullets above). Seconded by Nicole Greeley
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay: 0

  • Meeting adjourned at 7:05 by Andrew LeCody

Note: draft version of meeting minutes go to the Talk Page first, upon ratifying at the *next* meeting they will be moved to the normal page.