Board of Directors Meeting 20110714

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Time, location

20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Previous minutes

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chair


Old business

New business



Meeting 7/14/2011 called to order at: 8:40 by Andrew LeCody

In attendance:

  • Andrew LeCody
  • Peter Smith
  • Leland Flynn
  • Glenn Pipe
  • Nicole Greeley
  • John Haskins
  • Shona Haskins
  • Peter motioned to ratify previous minutes, seconded by Andrew LeCody
    • Aye-5
    • Nay-0
  • Vote to wave notice by Andrew LeCody, Seconded by Peter Smith
    • Aye-5
    • Nay-0

Agenda Item One: Insurance and Power

  • Action Item: Nicole to cancel insurance at old location and get an idea on what monthly fee for insurance is at the new location.
  • Action Item: Shona to get electricity turned off at old location
  • Andrew motions to approve the spending of 1,000 for first year of insurance, seconded by Glenn Pipe
    • Aye-5
    • Nay-0

Agenda Item 2: Building Out the Space

  • Action item: Shona will get proposed list of budget/item needs from each person in charge of their respective rooms.

John proposed that someone clean up the list.

Proposed that the wiki have a page that will help direct people on how they can help with the Makerspace.

Main focus is to get the place presentable.

For advertising it was suggested we start leaving flyers at location like Tanners, SMU, and other similar locations.

Paul (DPRG) suggested that we do a DPRG and DMS joint event at Tanner's Electronics.

Haley suggested a cork board to display our “Wanted” needs.

  • Action Item: Nicole to write up blog about new location by Saturday.
  • Action Item: Andrew to send out email for people to post lists of items on the wiki
  • Action Item: Andrew will schedule another wiki class.
  • Action Item: DMS and DPRG need to have a meeting to refresh the contract between the two orginizations.

Agenda Item: Discussion between DPRG and DMS boards

It was suggested that we have liaisons between the boards by Paul (DPRG president)

15 minute recess called at 9:28 by Leland Flynn

Meeting called back to order by Andrew at 9:43

-Suggested that we bring liaison in only on meetings that have to do with agenda items that affect the other organization.

Agend Item: Inventory between items that are DPRG and DMS

Suggested by Paul that each organization show due diligence on what items below to each organization.

Paul suggested that we compile a list of items that belong to DMS and maintained ownership.

Shona suggested that DRPG mark their items with a very obvious marks so that it is clear who owns what.

Agenda Item: Length Of Storage Time

Suggested that we start a reuse table in the back. Items that groups don't want to use can go to the reuse shelf.

Operations committee will handle the removal of items that remain on the shelf for a month.

Suggested that we be lenient on time, but strict on space.

  • Action Item: Andrew to write out process for removal
  • Andrew motions that projects can only be stored in space for projects, projects must be presented as active at meetings and labeled with members working on them preferably with a wiki page, seconded Nicole Greeley
    • Aye-5
    • Nay-0
  • Action Item: John Haskins to present plan for reuse area at a later date.

Agenda Item: Money for Space

  • Shona proposed that 2,000 is available up front for the rooms.
  • Andrew motions to approve 400 for warehouse to build work benches and carte blanche to buy four 6 foot tables, second by Leland Flynn
    • Aye-5
    • Nay-0
  • Andrew motions to allocate 300 for various items such as trash cans, and office supplies, and door closers, seconded by Peter Smith
    • Aye-5
    • Nay-0

Meeting adjorned at 10:45 pm by Andrew LeCody

Note: draft version of meeting minutes go to the Talk Page first, upon ratifying at the *next* meeting they will be moved to the normal page.