Blacksmithing Committee Meeting 20200412

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Time, location

2020-04-12 19:00 Held via GoToMeeting (link announced on CALENDAR)


Minutes are a mandatory work product from the meeting and must only include the outcome of actionable agenda items. Adhering to the format below is strongly recommended.

2020-04-12 [Blacksmithing Committee] MEETING MINUTES
07:15pm Call to Order (some delay due to conf. software confusion)

- Mike C (Chair) - Joe B - John K - Dave R

Old Business

Canopy - has been transferred to Motor Sports. Large coal forge - no action on sales (on COVID hold) Small coal forge - progress Hammer Time - on hold

Old Business Details

Progress made on small coal forge re-fit. John, Joe, and Mike stripped out old refractory (in January?). Source for new refractory (Kast-O-Lite 30 LI) and high alumina Reflectant (Plistex 900F) determined and pricing (pending shipping costs) determined. Available budget confirmed via conversations with DMS Treasurer.

Vote to approve up to $200 spend on materials was unanimous.

Once materials arrive, Mike and Joe will work on forge off-site due to DMS closure.

New Business

Elections - in May we will be electing: - a new Chair (currently me, but going away)

- a Vice Chair (currently Joe Brown)

Adjourned @ 7:45pm


Action Items

Table for tracking actions from the Actionable or Discussion Agenda, to be maintained as actions are completed

Status Item Description Responsible Party
[Completed] Move the pavilion Mike C