Blacksmithing Committee Meeting 20190519

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Blacksmithing Committee Meeting 5/20/2019

Time, Place

5/19/2019 19:00 Purple Class Room


Called to order 19:05


Chair Election
Joe Brown nominates Brad Sims, Sims accepts.
No other nominations.
Nomination closed.
Vote Taken- Unanimous in favor of Sims.
Next Open Forge:
June the 2nd bottle opener class. Sims to put on Calendar.
Regular Classes:
Sims top restart Tuesday night training classes.
Forge Press Train the Trainers to be taught within the month.
Brown volunteers to teach induction forge classes as well.
Vice Chair:
Sims asks Brown to accept appointment as Vice Chair.
Brown accepts.


20:05 meeting adjourned


Brad Sims *Vice-Chair
Andy Cooper
Joe Brown
Charles Proctor
Ryan Evans
Michael Cramer