Blacksmithing Committee Meeting 20180501

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Blacksmithing Committee Meeting 5/1/2018

Time, Place

5/1/2018 19:00 Conference Room

Chair Election

Ethan Western ran unopposed and was elected unanimously


Called to order 19:01

Ethan Western was nominated to run for chair by Brad Sims

Vote For election was proposed and seconded Ethan was Elected by the Quorum

Discussion Items:

  • Lack of funds to purchase cage for propane storage
  • Ethan Western will be auditing the Blacksmithing Committee QBO and seeing were missing class funds are located.
  • Discussed knife making classes and the creation of a Knife making SIG.


  • Ethan Western
  • Brad Sims
  • Mike Churchhill
  • Chuck Graf
  • John Kuhlenschmidt
  • Cairenn Day
  • Jeremy