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In Progress

 *  Nitrogen gas/Ultraviolet laser assembly  [Science_Comittee/Projects/Laser_Activity Activity log]
         Laser tube fabricated, electrodes attached, halves of tube assembled.  
         Main capacitors fabricated, measured at 14nF nominal.  
         Spark gap fabricated
         Nitrogen tank and gas, regulator, flow valve with indicator available.
         Power supply, vacuum pump tested.  
         Vacuum gauges(2) delivered to laser project.  
              brass fittings (barb), of appropriate size for each gauge, to connect gauges to tubing, needs to be purchased from home depot
              brass fittings barb-barb-tee-barb to connect both gauges into line could also be purchased from home depot
         Laser tube assembly to be fabricated
              Cylindrical tube to be re-fabricated
              Alternative tube using 1/2" flat acrylic
                   Acrylic U-shaped pieces of laser tube solvent welded
                   Aluminum electrodes mounted (2015-08-31, 0800)  
                   Fittings for tubing for N2 and vacuum located and purchased.
                   Tap for 1/4" pipe threading located and purchased
                   Laser tube machined and threaded for fittings for tubing
                   End plates fabricated out of single piece glass.  (2015-09-07, 0800)
                   End plates mounted using paraffin as per original design (2015-09-09, 0800)
                   End plates re-mounted using silicone (2015-09-14, 0800)
                   Laser tube assembly under test for vacuum integrity:  
                     Immersion test tank fabricated to aid in locating leaks (2015-09-21, 0800)
                     Continued leak checking (2015-09-23, 0800) 
 *  Aquaponics
         worm farm under discussion
         spectroscopic probe sensor to be selected.          
 *  Prosthetic hand
         Hand structural components fabrication complete
         Neuromuscular circuitry - done
         Servo motor integration - done
         Control electronics and Arduino integrated and tested.
 *  Computing frame and Networking hardware lab
         Installation of virtualization - WIP
         Installation of OS - WIP (1 done)
         Gigabit switch acquired, to be integrated into computing frame.  
         Server processor and memory upgrade:  processor and memory obtained, heat-sink to be acquired
         Networking hardware lab now available for studies toward CISCO CCNA networking certification.  
              Interested parties may also contact Scientific Computing co-chair ([email protected]) for recommendations on related online study material.  
 *  Linear particle accelerator
         EHV power supply
           Prototyped Cockcroft–Walton generator
           Prototype construction of Marx generator
         Geiger counter construction complete waiting final testing

Projects under consideration

    Algae Photobioreactor - Andrew