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This page has a link to each month's Balance Sheet.

For a description on what a balance sheet is:

If you have questions about events or a report, e-mail the treasurer directly at [email protected].

  • Oct 2014
  • Sept 2014
  • Aug 2014
    • Electrical work and payment for build-out construction (Leasehold improvements, +34,439.47)
  • Jul 2014
  • Jun 2014
  • May 2014
  • Apr 2014
    • Now tracking assets (for Form 990-EZ)
    • Does not include depreciation for past years yet (planning to speak to a CPA before I add this)
  • Mar 2014
  • Feb 2014
  • Jan 2014
    • Net income starts over for the new year
  • Dec 2013
  • Nov 2013
    • I suspect "Cash in Paypal" may be incorrect, and I'm working to correct it.
      • I spent a few hours attempting to reconcile the Paypal account without finding any missing transactions. This is a difficult task due to a number of factors (one of the biggest being no paypal transaction ids on everything exported since the switch to Quickbooks, the dates on the deposits to the bank don't match paypal, and there are lots of types of transactions which need to be filtered out or included from other reports - so it's not a simple match).
      • Update 1/25/2013: I found about $200 of the problem. When money is added from the bank account to cover a payment in paypal (called "Add Funds from a Bank Account"), this isn't imported correctly. I tracked down all the occurrences of this and fixed it.
  • Oct 2013
  • Sept 2013
    • Note: I still need to reconcile the Paypal account and figure out why the balance is $651.58. The paypal account is emptied at the end of each day, and does not usually carry a balance. However, funds spend a few days in "limbo" before they go into the bank account - which may be part of the $651.58.
  • Aug 2013
  • July 2013
  • June 2013