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Fund Balance Notes
Laser Cutter Consumables Fund 824.75
3d Printer Consumables Fund $105
Snack Fund $460.47 this will go lower, I need to reimburse Allen for more stuff
Robert's GET-R-DONE Fund $335.36 funded by robert to finish projects
Maker Fellowship Fund $884.15 for supporting disadvantaged makers
Sentry Gun Project Fund $856.20 funded by robert to build a sentry gun

Committee Balance Notes
3D Printing Committee 350.00 for building a desktop computer, will expire soon
Amateur Radio Committee $114.00
Classroom Committee $412.00
Craft Room Committee $250.01
Electronics Robotics Committee $1,496.16
Financial Committee $12.95
Operations and Facilities Committee $248.20
Photography Lab $22.02
Public Relations Committee $293.40
Security Committee $605.67 mostly for wi-fi link project
Warehouse Committee $98.57