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The Audit Committee covers:

  • To provide an annual review of DMS's financial resources.

There are different roles for a Finance Committee vs. an Audit Committee. In general, the Finance Committee monitors financial practices of the nonprofit while the Audit Committee monitors the process in which the financial practices are carried out. An Audit Committee is a temporary task force that has been given authority by the Board of Directors to provide accountability for the nonprofit's financial resources.


  • Improved financial practices.
  • Improved reporting and transparency.
  • Preparedness for external audits like IRS or State of Texas sales’ taxes.


  • Ken Purcell
  • Nick Sainz
  • Mike Churchill

How to Join


DMS Profit/Loss Graph for last 6 months (Aug 2013-Jan 2014) File:DMS-P&L-Last6Months.pdf (need to add moving average to smooth out large expenditures)