Amateur Radio Committee Meeting - 04.12.15

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Occured from 10AM to 12PM

Hello all, if you didn't make it to the amateur radio committee meeting here is what happened.

The first order of business was to go over committee chair as requested by the board. Ben Groves has served as committee chair but is stepping down and has nominated myself(Justin Edwards KE5BUD) as his replacement. Pat Hykkonen seconded the nomination and the members present voted to recommend me as the new committee chair. Below are those who voted.

@hykkonen @ke5bud @Jay @WaYNeR @Nick @Wanderson @BenjaminGrove

  • We then began to review our current standing with finances which we will verify in the coming month.
  • Next we went over what we would like to do to improve the station, this included setting up a desktop computer for station, a new customer desk built by us and designed by the members.
  • We discussed design of the desk to include rfid access, power pole port for ready access to power, extra hookups to antennas for members radio use, clear desk space with radio being elevated on shelf in the desk.
  • We also discussed setting up classes on antenna building and extra license classes,
  • We discussed buying an HF antenna to better support our station using our current funds so we would have a better signal getting out. The current antenna in use, a G5RV is producing high swr without the tuner and should an operator forget to tune it could cause damage to the radio. Also this is causing non optimal use of the power we have and limits our range. This was voted on and approved by the members and will be completed at earliest convenience to better our station.
  • We discussed possibly working with the DARC to possibly be loaned or given free station equipment with certain conditions.
  • We also discussed emergency operations at the station and trying to set up to be a functional EOC.
  • We discussed field day and our current commitment to be at the DARC and React site for this year. We discussed and approved payment to DARC and React for food and supplies when we join up for field day from committee funds.
  • We also reviewed Pat staying trustee and agreed this was in the clubs best interest.
  • We also discussed monthly meetings at a minimum and the next meeting will be sometime in May to be announced.

I believe that sums up most of what we talked about. Feel free to chime in if I missed something guys.

If you have any questions comments or concerns for me please feel free to hit me up on this thread or via PM.