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AV Studio Meeting Agenda 10/6/2014

AV Studio goals

  1. Design and maintain an efficient system for completing video and audio projects.
  2. Maintain and provide content for the DMS YouTube channel.
  3. Work with the DMS's PR Committee to create videos documenting projects, events, and classes at the space.
  4. Educate DMS members and the public in AV related topics

General updates

  • YouTube channel:
    • Incentive may be available for YouTube videos in future
    • Waiting on YouTube “template” package - David S. (in progress)
  • Release form
    • Available on Wiki
    • Available in locker labeled “model releases”
    • Use it!
  • Reminder: License of CC on DMS computer is an educational license
  • Ops handling “computer lab”
    • Many (>10) laptops recently acquired by Ops for computer lab use.
  • Richard suggested AV/Cart/semi-perminant setup for all-inclusive broadcast solution.
  • Sound dampening blankets hung in AV Conference room
  • Current video projects
    • Dremel night edit complete - release pending finalization of YouTube graphics
    • New member vids - Moore and LeCody writing (no updates this meeting)
      • Wants to do 2 vids:
        • Orientation vid
        • “Be Excellent” video

Upcoming classes

  • Metabus/Streaming Intro class concept in progress. (Richard)
  • VFX series - David S.
    • James suggests color correction
    • Do as much as possible away from computer; this opens to people who don’t have After Effects access
    • AfterEffects 101 series in progress
  • How to shoot with your phone workshop - David
  • How to film a class workshop - David
  • 3D for animation (postponed) - James Moffit
    • James may break into series
  • Voice Acting - Josh
  • Writing Your Tutorial Video (postponed) - Haley

Action Items

  • Need someone to lead filming/keeping track of classes - Table item
  • Post meetup about upcoming class - David S. - PR handling this process.
  • Add credits to Dremel vid - David S.
  • Add donated cameras to equipment list - David S. - DONE
  • Figure out needed equipment/cables - DONE
  • Approach Adobe for more licenses if computer lab congeals
    • Investigate for discounts, educational licenses - Richard S.
    • Investigate computer lab plan and machine specs - David S.
  • Hang blankets when they come in - David S. - DONE
  • Add button hole to moving blankets - Haley M.
  • Investigate live streaming class topics - Richard H. - DONE
  • Complete YouTube package - David S.
  • Post note about AV Conference being multipurpose. Remind users to clean up room when done. - Haley M.
  • Make sign/deterrent for editing station in Arts – David S.
  • Post to DMS list about Metabus – Haley M.