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AV Studio Meeting Agenda 8/18/2014

AV Studio goals

1. Design and maintain an efficient system for completing video and audio projects.

2. Maintain and provide content for the DMS YouTube channel.

3. Work with the DMS's PR Committee to create videos documenting projects, events, and classes at the space.

4. Educate DMS members and the public in AV related topics

Updates from last meeting

  • Equipment cage in Arts
    • Have locker for now
  • YouTube channel:
    • Incentive may be available for YouTube videos in future
    • YouTube standard
    • YouTube “template” package
  • Release form
    • Available on Wiki
    • Will be available in Arts
    • Use it!
  • Space available on network
  • Wall painted

Current video projects

  • Dremel night edit in progress - David S.
  • Lemons race edit CANCELLED due to limited footage during race
  • Orientation video - Dan?

Upcoming classes

  • VFX series - David
  • How to shoot with your phone workshop - David
  • How to film a class workshop - David
  • Build a phone/camera rig workshop - David - POSTPONED - will revisit later
  • Compositing - Greg S CANCELLED due to lack of resources.
  • 3D for animation - James M, Greg S
  • Lighting 101- Greg S CANCELLED due to lack of resources.
  • Making Awesome Voices - Josh
  • Writing Your Tutorial Video - Haley
  • After Effects 101 - Greg S CANCELLED due to lack of resources.


  • Need page on Wiki
  • Need someone to lead filming/keeping track of classes
  • Schedule classes
  • Remove large table and bring in folding tables - Move to pillar room
  • Move chairs to interactive classroom
  • Hang TV


  • Haley allocated $75 for AV
  • Lights needed for blue screen
    • Scissor Clamps?
    • Light bar?